Many people may be unfamiliar with the word infection of chlamydia. Today, we are going to talk about what is the infection of chlamydia and the symptoms .

It is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. Although both men and women are infected with this bacterium, statistical data shows that men are more susceptible to this disease, so in the absence of protective measures, the bacteria can be infected through vaginal intercourse, anal sex and oral sex. If not treated promptly, it may cause serious diseases such as arthritis and infertility in men.

So, what happens after being infected with chlamydia?

1. Male chlamydia positive mainly manifested as urinary discomfort, tingling and burning sensation, accompanied by varying degrees of frequent urination, urgent urination, dysuria, dysuria is milder than gonorrhea. The urethral opening is mildly red and swollen with serous or mucopurulent secretions. It does not urinate for a long period of time or can be seen in the urethral secretions before the first urination in the morning.

2. People infected with Chlamydia virus may also notice that their penis has stench, watery or white secretions. Testicles may also be swollen and painful due to infection. In addition, the head of the penis is red and painful and is one of the symptoms of infection with the Chlamydia virus.

3. If the chlamydial infection is caused by anal sex, it is likely that there will be burning and pain in the rectum. Patients are also likely to have a problem with anal bleeding. If it is caused by oral sex, it will cause sore throat.

At present, the best way to treat chlamydial infections, mainly medical treatment, and medical treatment is divided into Western medicine treatment and Chinese medicine treatment. Western medicine treatment can generally be treated by oral antibiotics. Antibiotics have a good effect on the treatment of chlamydial infection. Generally, the commonly used antibiotics can choose erythromycin, roxithromycin, dirithromycin, azithromycin, doxycycline, and smear. Drugs such as mycin, levofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, and soxafloxacin. Because each person's condition is different, some patients are allergic to certain drugs, so it is best to have a drug susceptibility test. After the results of drug susceptibility testing come out, you can choose a specific drug, and don't take your own medicine, so as not to aggravate the condition.

If the patient develops resistance to certain drugs, then you can try traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Some Chinese medicine has a good effect on the treatment of chlamydial infection. You can try Dr.Lee Diuretics Pill. The main ingredients consisting of more than 50 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines such as psyllium, buckwheat, sorghum, safflower, peach kernel, angelica, red peony, houttuynia, and the seed of cowherb.

Chinese herbal medicine such as psyllium and buckwheat have the effect of diuretic and leaching, which can effectively improve the frequent urination and urgent urination.
Angelica and red peony can inhibit bacteria and relieve pain, eliminate swelling and swelling, and improve swelling and pain caused by infection.

In daily life ,we should pay attention to regular diet , avoid irritating food, alcohol or coffee. Eat more fruits containing vitamin C, orange, lemon, and plum juice to keep the urine acidic.

Diet should be light and nutritious. Eat more vegetables, milk, turtles which are rich in amino acids, vitamins, protein . Eat less greasy food. Eat less warm food such as dog meat and lamb. Eat less shellfish, bamboo shoots, clams . Eat less beverages and snacks containing chemicals, preservatives, and additives.

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