An expert dentist can inform you on what to expect during a tooth extraction. There are two different types of tooth extractions and they are:

* Simple
* Surgical

A simple removal of a tooth just involves the dentist pulling it, but the surgical removal involves the tooth being cut out and it is removed by oral surgery. No extraction has to hurt by burtonsville dentist because both types of extractions have a solution to pain and it is called sedation dentistry. This type of dentistry will allow the patient to be calm and relaxed while having the tooth removed and the patient will feel no pain because the dentist will use anesthetics to numb the pain.

Extractions can be performed on children, teens and adults. They dentist will explain the procedure of the extraction to all dental patients. A dental assistant or hygienist will assist the dentist during an extraction. This makes the process much easier. These expert dentists know how to calm dental fears in dental patients. They want to provide you with a good dental experience that you can share with others.
Complications of Extractions
Sometimes a few complications may happen after your tooth is removed and here are a few:
* Swelling
* Pain
* Bleeding

The dentist will provide dental patients who have had a tooth removed with an after care plan. For pain, the dentist will prescribe something to reduce or eliminate the pain. He will provide the dental patient with gauze to reduce or prevent bleeding. Following the dentist's orders after you have your tooth removed will prevent infection. The expert dentists will take good care of you.

During A Tooth Extraction
During a tooth extraction the dentist and the assistant will prepare you before your tooth is pulled. The dentist will administer an anesthetic to make sure you will not experience any pain during the tooth removal. Most teeth removals will be a simple process. Sometimes a specialty dentist is required to remove problem teeth through surgery. There are two different types of tooth extractions and simple extractions can be done by a general dentist. All dentists are highly certified to remove teeth and many of them are recognized by the American Dental Association.

Many tooth extraction procedure are really quick and do not take much time. After your tooth has been extracted, you must not smoke or eat hard foods. The dentist will require you to keep the area clean. The after care instructions will state all of these important things you must do after your tooth has been removed. There are two different types of tooth extractions and your dentist will tell you which type of tooth extraction you will benefit from.

During your exam and x-rays, the dentist can see if you will need a tooth extraction. The exam and x-rays is what provides the dentist with important information about your teeth. Call for an appointment and ask to have an exam and x-ray scheduled. This will tell you and the dentist all about your teeth.

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