What Should I Do To Get Pregnant Fast: Fastest Most Effective Way To Get Pregnant

Are you looking for tips for getting pregnant? While it seems that everyone has advice about how to get pregnant quickly, not all of the advice is sound advice. In fact, the wrong counsel could actually reduce your chance of becoming pregnant. Instead, consider these helpful tips for becoming pregnant quickly, naturally, and safely:

1. Learn to breathe more effectively.

While breathing is something that we do constantly and involuntarily, you can actually use certain methods to help battle infertility. Yes, something that simple can significantly increase your likelihood of becoming pregnant! The key is to learn precisely which breathing techniques are the most effective for accomplishing your mission.

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2. Detoxify your body.

You should be doing this anyway, whether or not you're trying to get pregnant. However, this is definitely one of the most effective tips for getting pregnant. Detoxifying your body provides several benefits. One of the main ones is that you'll be able to create a better balance of your hormones-which will have a positive effect on your ability to become pregnant.

3. Know which chemicals and activities to avoid.

These components have a significantly negative affect on your ability to conceive. So it's important to know which activities and chemicals you should avoid like the plague. In fact, you might be surprised at how commonplace some of them are!

4. Take a holistic approach.

Ironically, today's researchers are learning that many of the ancient methods used to induce pregnancy, are actually some of the best ones! This isn't to say that modern science doesn't have a place in the process. In fact, scientific studies are now confirming that several ancient pregnancy-inducing practices are actually effective.

5. Save money by taking a natural approach.

This is yet another of the most effective tips for getting pregnant. A natural approach is cheaper because you won't be purchasing several pricey drugs or procedures. And as an added bonus, it's actually more effective and safer!

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I sometimes hear from people who wonder if it is actually possible to plan for the conception of a girl or boy baby. An example is a husband who might say: "my wife is trying to tell me that we can actually plan beforehand to conceive a boy baby. I don't think that this is even possible. Don't you just get which gender fate gives you? How is it possible to plan for this ahead of time?" I'll address these concerns below.

Why I Believe It Is Possible To Plan For The Gender Of Your Choice: Your baby's gender is determined by whether a man's X or Y sperm chromosome fertilizes the woman's egg. An X gives you a girl. A Y gives you a boy. These are represented in roughly equal numbers. This is nature's way of making sure that each gender is represented mostly equally. So if you do nothing and don't have any plan, you can count on pretty much equal odds that you'll get a boy or girl.

However, there are ways to set it up so that you shift the odds of getting the gender of your choice in your favor. And this is where planning comes in. See, there are basically three ways that you can influence your baby's gender. These are controlling the timing of your conception, controlling the women's vaginal PH, and controlling the sexual positions used. For example, an acidic PH combined with having sex before ovulation and using shallow sexual positions would favor a girl baby. For a boy, you'd want a non acidic or alkaline PH and you'd want to wait until after ovulation while using deeper penetration.

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How Do You Plan For Gender Selection?: So where does the planning aspect of all of this come in? Well, it's very helpful to determine and then attempt to tweak your PH and your ovulation timing well before you attempt to conceive. For example, if you want a girl and your PH is alkaline, you'll want to spend some weeks changing your diet or using special douches in order to get the reading where you want it to go. You can start by testing your PH and then continuing to test to see how successful your regimen is. And when you continue with your testing, you will know exactly when you have reached your goal PH.

The same sort of planning is possible with your ovulation times. Since it's so important that you can both predict and identify this day, using a good ovulation predictor is an important part of your planning. It's vital that you know when ovulation is approaching and when it has already happened. It's not advisable to leave this to chance. You need to make sure that your PH is as close to optimal as it can be at the same time when your ovulation is also where you need it to be. (This will be before or after ovulation, depending on the gender of your choice.)

So to answer the question posed, you can plan for a boy or girl conception by taking inventory of your PH and when you ovulate before you actually try to conceive. Then, you begin to tweak your PH and you continue to monitor both your ovulation and your vaginal environment so that you will know well in advance when the perfect day is approaching. This may sound like a methodical approach that doesn't leave much to chance as well as very little room for spontaneity. But, I always tell people there is plenty of room for spontaneous intercourse during the days and weeks when it's not possible for you to become pregnant (or when ovulation is not yet approaching.)

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Is it possible for you to plan the gender of your baby? It actually is. There are several things a couple can do that will help increase their chances of conceiving either a baby boy or a baby girl. Although you'll likely be thrilled with a baby of either gender as long as it's healthy, there are ways to stack the odds in your favor if you do have a preference.

Diet plays a more important role in helping you plan the gender of your baby than you may think. There's a lot of talk about what foods you should be eating to create the right environment for conception of a boy or girl to take place but it goes beyond picking the right foods. When you eat and how much may also help determine whether you are more likely to have a son or daughter.

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Women who want a baby girl may find it helpful to not eat breakfast. These women should also focus on adding foods to their diet that are high in calcium and magnesium. An easy way to do this is to snack on cheese or yogurt during the day and stay away from anything that contains too much salt.

If a baby boy would make a perfect addition to your family, breakfast must be on your list of to-do things each and every day. The best choice for breakfast if you want to plan the gender of your baby is cereal. It gives you a great deal of energy and if you choose the right cereal, it can also be incredibly healthy. These women also need to add more foods to their diet that are rich in potassium. Salt is also a mainstay of the diet to conceive a boy but you do want to be mindful of how much sodium you take in as it can lead to other health issues.

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There are several remedies for morning sickness that a mom-to-be can use that will have absolutely no ill-effects on her growing baby. One of the biggest concerns for pregnant women is how to combat the nausea and dizziness that comes with this common ailment without jeopardizing the baby. If you suffer with morning, or in some cases, all day sickness there are a few things you'll want to try.

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Heat is one of the worst possible things for morning sickness. If you are nauseous it's truly uncomfortable to be sitting in a warm place. If you live in a climate where the seasons change you'll want to be mindful of the temperature you have the room set to in winter and whether or not you have air conditioning in summer. One of the best remedies for morning sickness is to keep the environment you are in quite cool. Set the thermostat a little cooler than you normally would in winter and use the air conditioning liberally in summer.

Being overly tired can wreak havoc with your body while you are pregnant. Expecting moms know that they already feel drained. Add to that the challenge of morning sickness and you'll likely be exhausted. One of the best remedies for morning sickness is to nap during the day and to sleep more at night. Try to fall into a set pattern of sleep by going to bed at the same time each night and then getting up at the same time every morning. This will help you sleep longer and feel more rested which is ideal for both you and your baby.

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