One of hardest things to do when starting a home business is choosing a niche or primary topic. We hear that the making money niche is the most profitable. The making money niche is also the most competitive and a lot of new people find that the making money niche is also the most expensive after spending hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on course after course without making a dime.
Ultimately they end up chasing the money.
However, there is a more profitable niche for the new marketer. It is different for every person, because each individual has a different set of skills and interest.
There is a strong possibility that you have a strong interest in making money online, but do not discount your other areas of interest, because there is money being made in every possible industry online.
You become much more competitive, if you are not only working within an area of interest, but also in an area where you are skilled, knowledgeable, and naturally gifted.
Think about it. There are thousands of affiliate products online. That means regardless of your niche, you should be able to monetize it once you learn marketing.
They key word is marketing. Marketing can make or break a business, regardless of if it is done online or offline. Therefore it is a worthy area of study.
Also if you have the budget, you can hire someone to do your marketing for you. Just be sure to do your due diligence and hire someone who knows what they are doing.
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Jeremiah Carstarphen,
The Cartoon Coach
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