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Hair transplant in Jaipur has been likely well accepted procedure as it has grabbed attention of more and more people over years. Its exponentially increasing success rate, permanent outcomes and natural looking results lures the hair loss sufferers to get the incredible results and see the hair growth again on the bald area.
Looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Jaipur, then there is no better name than Medispa hair transplant clinic, the pioneers of cosmetic world and leaders of hair transplant industry.

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that provides the coverage to the bald area by using the harvested hair follicles from the donor area by transplanting them. The handpicked hair grafts are specifically the permanent hair roots that do not possess the receptors for the androgenic hormone which is the culprit to cause hair loss. No receptors mean no influence of the androgenic hormone and thus stay
permanent for life time.

The most crucial steps deciding the success of the procedure be the decision making of the donor area, judicious decision of number of hair grafts to be harvested and the choice of the technique. Besides this the expert performance during the procedure is a must in long term survival of the hair grafts.

If you want to wisely choose a perfect hair transplant clinic, then you need to look for certain parameters crucially required to perform the procedure. The parameters are explained as follows:

1. Educational qualification of the hair transplant surgeon:The medical education is very lengthy and intense because it is associated with the most complex thing on earth: a human being. Treating a human being offers no chance of mistake which give a clear glimpse of importance of education when dealing with a medical procedure. The highest qualification to perform the hair transplant is the super specialization or MCh degree in cosmetic surgeries along with an added certification to perform the procedure.

2. Core experience of the hair transplant surgeon: Experience brings perfection and being perfect bring success. So choosing an experienced surgeon would give you an assurance of a successful hair transplant. But be very cautious while checking on experience as knowing the years of experience is not sufficient and you should also consider the numbers of cases performed by the surgeon.

3. Infrastructure of the clinic:The infrastructure of the clinic explains the amenities and facilities provided by the clinic. The clinic should have a state of art operatory, latest technology equipment and cutting edge technologies to perform the procedure. The team of the hair transplant should be scrutinized for their experience and the hygiene standards should be thoroughly checked.

4. Is it a branded clinic or a single surgeon own ship?Looking for branded clinic, be aware that might not be the best option for hair transplant rather you should go for reputed single surgeon owned clinic. You might definitely not like to meet new surgeons when you visit the clinic for the process of hair transplant and follow up or may be for the reason of progressive hair loss seeking second hair transplant session. But it is going to be a case with branded clinics as they keep hiring and replacing the surgeons. Including, how can you trust that the previous results of the patients shown to you are the cases of the present surgeon assigned for the job as there might be many surgeons replaced by then.

5. Is it a cheaper clinic?Cheaper hair transplant services should be strictly avoided if you want to consider a successful hair transplant. Look for the best clinic as per the above listed factors and then choose the budgeted option among the best listed options.

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