What Should A Husband Do In A Sexless Marriage: Sexless Marriage Advice For Men

Fixing a sexless marriage is no easy task. Anyone who tells you that it is a phase that will pass has never experienced what you may now be experiencing. It is estimated that 15% to 20% of couples experience long periods of sexlessness or lack of intimacy. That is an astounding number. However, when you look at it next to the United State's near 50% divorce rate you can see it's not that out of whack. How does a divorce get to the point where it can be labeled a sexless marriage?

The truth is that the reasons don't matter much. No one is really ever to blame for a lack of intimacy in a marriage. The reality is that each partner may blame the other. A general lack of communication between partners almost always accompanies a sexless marriage. Other contributing factors may include work related stress, child or family related stress, lack of time, lack of desire due to medical various medical conditions, etc. There are literally too many possibilities to list. Usually it is a combination of reasons that lead to a sexless marriage.

So what can a husband who loves his wife do to change the situation. This can be a very delicate topic to bring up especially if your issues relate to post childbirth depression. However, the best remedy is for either your or your significant other to begin the communication process. Keeping bottled up will only lead to divorce. Remember 50% of us end up in divorce court.

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I didn't want to share my kids on weekends. I wanted my wife. I still loved her and was very attracted to her. It turns out that she wanted me also. I was worried at one point, as many of you may be, that the spark was gone. That my wife had already checked out on me mentally and was on the prowl for my replacement.

As it turns out after a few heart to heart conversations we realized that we wanted the same thing. We wanted to be part of the half that makes it in the end. So we got help. We used an eBook that we found on-line to continue the open communication and to improve all the things that we had gotten accustomed to doing incorrectly in our marriage. We had so many bad habits I'm too embarrassed to list them.

I can tell you this guys, don't let time slide. Time is your enemy when dealing with a sexless marriage. Start the communication process yourself, don't wait for your significant other to do it. Be open and honest and don't be ashamed or afraid to let your partner know that you are less than thrilled with the current situation. Tell them that you are ready to put in the necessary work to fix things. Be proactive! This will demonstrate your sincerity to your spouse.

Admitting there is a problem is half the battle as they say. Whoever they were... they were right. My spouse and I are back to our old ways again. Now I'm not going to say that it is perfect all the time, and it took a lot of work to get to where we are today. But I'm happy we did. No more sexless marriage, and no more wondering how I was going to fix my sexless marriage. We smile more now and we even flirt. After a decade of marriage we flirt again! You can get it back too! You can do it. Remember, to be proactive!

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We have been married for so many years and I don't want to lose her like this. What should I do when my wife doesn't love me anymore?

Your wife doesn't stop loving you suddenly. Think carefully and analyze your relationship with her. Did you feel anything wrong with the relationship? Here are some ideas to let you understand what really went wrong with the marriage.

- My wife doesn't love me because she found out about my affair

Did you do anything unfaithful to her recently? An affair is the most unacceptable act in a marriage. If you want to win your wife back, you have to end your affair immediately. Cherish her as the only woman in your life. You will need a lot of effort to rebuild the trust lost.

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- My wife doesn't love me because of failed promises

Did you always do something against the promises given? You have disappointed her many times and she may have already given up the hopes on changing you. If you are sincere to win her back, you have to change your ways.

- My wife doesn't love me because I did not accompany her

Was she always left alone at home? When was the last time you complimented on her new dress or hair? She needs your attention and care. Living in a plain and boring marriage can be one of the reasons of infidelity. I am sure you do not want your wife to find another man, right?

- My wife doesn't love me anymore because of our frequent quarrels

Communication is the passport to understand each other better. If both of you are facing communication break down, it will be quite likely to have misunderstandings. Many problems started from bad communication. If you do not want to let the problems grow bigger, you have to learn how to communicate properly with your wife.

All these are the common marriage problems faced by the people today and many men failed to keep their wife by their side because they simply do not understand the ways to love their wife.

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Is your marriage in crisis? If it is, there are certainly a few things you do in the hope of saving it. This article will let you know just a few of the things you can do to make a positive difference.

How To Fix Your Marriage Crisis 1

Understand that happiness comes within. If you are one of those people that says "my partner doesn't make me happy", maybe you should consider for a moment why you thought they would? True happiness comes from within, and unless your partner is a true horror of humanity, a thoroughly unpleasant person, chances are the only reason you are unhappy is because of something inside yourself, some unfulfilled potential or hidden dream.

How To Fix Your Marriage Crisis 2

Unify your home. Talk over how you picture your home in your mind. It's important to agree on this, as if you both aspire to making the home a different way, it's going to cause long term conflict. The typical example is the man wanting his home to look like his home, with his things where he can get at them etc, and the woman wanting everything neatly filed away at all times like a show home. You need to compromise together, as it's not really fair for either of you to expect the other to live how you want them to.

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How To Fix Your Marriage Crisis 3

Never compare your relationship to one from the past, or your partner to a past partner. This is never good. Firstly, no two relationships are alike. They can't be, as every couple has so many fine points of interaction, it would literally be impossible to replicate with a different person in the mix. It's like comparing your pet dog to a goldfish you used to have. Ridiculous.

How To Fix Your Marriage Crisis 4

Arrange some together time. It doesn't even need to be a particularly large amount of time, the point is that it should be just the two of you and no distractions. No TV, no company, just the two of you. This will help you retain a sense of how to interact with each other.

How To Fix Your Marriage Crisis 5

Actively reminisce about past times. The good times you have shared can act like the glue that bonds you together, and it can be genuinely good fun to talk about the past and exciting things you have done together. Another plus point to this is that the more exciting and fun things you do with each other, the more stuff you will have to reminisce about. Bonus!

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A mind-set of saving a marriage changes the way that couples approach a problem. When you think about ways to solve a problem rather than getting a divorce, a myriad of possibilities emerge.

George told me recently that there are times when he really feels like giving up on his marriage. The conflict and distance in his relationship depresses him, but he remembers how much he loves his wife and truly believes that they can get through this stressful time.

Sandy was not sure that she could survive her husband's mid-life crisis. She knew that he was acting differently than at any time before and she truly believed that he would come full circle and return home to make things work in the marriage.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Jenny and Jim were overwhelmed with the stress of trying to get pregnant, the loss of his mother and Jenny's job lay-off. Both recognized that they were shorter and more critical of each other, not nurturing each other as they once had. When talking with them; however, the conversation usually ended with one of them saying something like "I know that things will get better" or "It cannot stay this bad forever".

This belief in a solution to problems and stressful events can save a marriage. Having the courage to hang in with the relationship and work through difficult times has been what has made the difference in many marriages. When people are able to acknowledge the tough times and yet also talk about their commitment to the marriage and working things out, we feel pretty confident that the marriage will make it.

One study of long-term marriages reported that many couples reported very stressful periods, and yet, years later, they remember them with a sense of having coped, survived and even thrived as they describe how happy they were to have hung in there and made it through. Many say that divorce would have been the worst decision and, while it may have been the easy way out at the time, in the long run, remaining in the marriage and working through things has been the absolute right thing to do.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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