When people come across cosmetic medical procedures, the first thing they think about is that they are reserved for the celebrities and the wealthy. Contrary to this common opinion, cosmetic medical procedures have become quite popular among people of all economic classes.
Cosmetic dentistry procedures, in particular, are not reserved for the rich since they come in various price ranges, most of which are quite affordable. They include teeth makeovers, whitening, and other procedures that take your smile to the next level.

If you feel like your smile falls short, you'll be glad to know that a good smile is only a call away. Cosmetic dentistry has become so popular, such that dentists today think of it as a mainstream procedure. After all, nobody can undermine the value of a great smile. A smile can change the world, and it is the beginning of beauty. That said, when you have chipped, missing, discolored, and imperfect teeth, here are the top services offered by a cosmetic dentist:

Teeth Whitening

cosmetic dentistry is all about beauty, and one of the most basic procedures to a beautiful smile is teeth whitening. It is also called teeth bleaching and is carried out at a dentist's office. Over time, teeth discolor as a consequence of smoking tobacco, using certain medications, foods, and drinks. Excess fluoride ions in water also stain teeth, not to mention poor hygiene that leads to the formation of plaque.

To restore the color of their teeth, people opt for cosmetic teeth whitening or use dental products used to bleach teeth. The latter is however slow, with the former being fast and gives teeth that are even whiter than they were before! If you're looking to brighten your smile, seek professional services for instant quality work.

Composite Bonding

It is yet another simple and inexpensive procedure. It is also called bonding. This technique repairs teeth that have been worn down along the edges, cracked, chipped, decayed, or discolored. It involves drilling out the decayed or damaged tooth material and applying a composite material that resembles the color of the tooth enamel. After applying the material, the dentist sculpts it into the right shape then cures it with a high-intensity light. If you need this on one of your front teeth, chances are you will be able to tell which is a composite bonding and which is the actual tooth. Because of this, most people will get a composite bonding on both front teeth instead of just one. The point of this procedure is to make your smile look better, and getting a tooth that doesn't match the others just won't do the trick.

Dental Contouring

It is also called tooth reshaping and seeks to improve the appearance of poorly shaped or deformed teeth by removing the enamel and modifying. Most times, this procedure is followed by composite bonding.

Dental Veneers

They are custom teeth made from medical-grade ceramic. They are manufactured uniquely for each patient and as such resemble the patient's natural teeth. In fact, most of the time, you cannot call out a veneer from natural teeth. The dentist normally applies them to the front of damaged enamel, cracked teeth, crooked teeth, or noticeable gaps using a dental adhesive to give a realistic finish.

Dental implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth used to replace a missing tooth. It is made of a small titanium screw that holds an artificial tooth, or denture into place. This screw secures the crown into the jawbone, and when in place, it is permanently secured. Dental implants are normally indistinguishable from natural teeth.

That said, teeth can be lost from accidents, extractions, and other causes. Nevertheless, your smile can still be as perfect as it was, thanks to dental implants. Note that during this screw placement period, patients need to observe exceptional dental hygiene to prevent the accumulation of food remains which can cause more dental issues later.

Crown lengthening

This is one of the more complex processes since it involves a minor surgical procedure. It is used to fix a gummy smile, whereby a large portion of the gum is visible when one smiles. It also fixes uneven gum lines by removing excess gum tissue to make the teeth more visible.

Inlays and Onlays

These are also called indirect tooth fillings made from composite resin material. When a tooth has mild or moderate decay, the tooth structure may not be enough to support a filling. As such, an inlay is placed onto the tooth surface as long as the tooth cusps are still in great condition. On the other hand, the tooth may be too damaged, needing Onlays. In this case, the Onlays cover the tooth's entire surface.

These procedures are both carried out in a dental lab and involve adhesive dental cement to prevent further decay, deterioration, and restore tooth shape. Onlays and inlays also provide support to strengthen teeth.

Simply Said, They're Smile Makeovers
We all want to be beautiful, that's the reality of life. People like to be associated with more attractive people not only socially, but even in business. Psychology supports this by saying that attractive people are confident, trustworthy, and more intelligent. That said, all the above procedures are just dental processes that give smile makeovers to enhance people's appearance. If you'd like to pursue a better smile, seek a cosmetic dentist, and enjoy either of the services above!

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