Every student seeking admission in college has in mind as to how SAT looks like and what all you can expect in it. So here are we to tell you the format and content of SAT which will help you in preparing for exam in a systematic way.

The day when you will have your test, you will be required to reach your pre-destined testing center along with the registration information with two forms of ID. You will find a waiting queue there with a wait time of approximately ten minutes. Once you complete the registration, you will visit your assigned testing room and the proctor will allot you a seat. The test will begin the moment once the testing room is packed. Now the proctor will read out the test instructions handed over by the College Board. This will proceed by handing out testing materials to students and ensuring students have pencil ready. The calculators might be checked as per the College Board guidelines.

Once the formalities are completed, the proctor will instruct to pen down the personal information and be ready for the test. The test will include following sections:

Part One: Essay – 25 minutes
Part Two - Nine: Reading, Math or Writing – 20 or 25 minutes
Part Ten: Writing – 10 minutes

We can see clearly the entire SAT format varies a lot with the length of the test. One thing you can sure about is you are going to attempt essay section first and writing section at last. Plus, you will also have breaks in-between test as per College guidelines.

It’s obvious that during an exam you are expected not to talk to anyone else, do not seek help from others, and not take any unfair benefit. Usage of cell phones or any such communication devices will be forbidden.

Once the test is completed, the proctor will take the testing materials and dismiss you. It can’t be simpler than that. We would suggest following tips you must keep in mind which will help you do well on testing day.

• Must sleep well a day before the test at least for eight hours at a stretch. Eat a healthy meal rich in carbohydrates and starches. Do not at all keep yourself awake late getting engaged in any sort of activity. Strictly avoid a protein diet a day before which can make you lethargic on testing day.

• Do not take along a graphing kind calculator, more than two pencils, and a timing watch. You must not bring any noisy material like a scratch paper, iPod, headphones as they are not allowed inside the testing room.

• If you are carrying a cell phone, it must be kept switched off during the test.

• In the exam, make sure you read every question carefully and understand what the examiner wants to test, before attempting to answer them.

• Try doing the easier section first do that you don’t have to skip questions which you know, in the end.

• Keep a check on the time elapsed and remaining. You may ask the time from a proctor, however, he/she won’t help you in answering or clarifying questions at all.

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