It can be downright confusing to establish what’s the right level of nicotine consumption for an avid vape consumer. And though this stands as an important aspect to know about, not many have the slightest idea of what level of nicotine is appropriate in their vape juice.


Fortunately, their conundrum will finally come to an end as the post presents a detailed explanation on this.


So, follow closely!


The Right Nicotine Level For Vivid Smokers...?


If there’s one distinctive advantage of vaping in comparison to smoking, it’s the smokers knowing exactly what ingredients and nicotine content are included in their vape juice.


Another good news for avid vape consumers is some best-in-class nicotine e juice suppliers sell off their vape juice in different levels depending on various types of consumers.


As per the accepted concentration, nicotine juice comes in zero nicotine, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. Each of these values explains the amount of nicotine for each 1mL of e-liquid also represented by some sellers as 1.8%.


In some instances; you may also come across some juices with nicotine content reaching to 24mg/36mg. However, it is recommended to not go for such high concentrations- as they are not deemed safe for consumption.


The Breakdown Of Different Nicotine Strength Levels:-


It can always be a challenge to calculate the right nicotine strength in a vape juice for different consumers. Every individual is different, and so is the way their body absorbs nicotine.


Furthermore, the quantity of nicotine consumed by the body is not dependent on how much nicotine exists in the juice. It also depends on other important factors, namely:- the frequency, and the size of the intake.


Still, here’s a drop-down to the nicotine vape juice levels in Australia(and elsewhere) for different consumers.


  • 0mg/mL


This is meant for smokers who have pulled themselves down from a higher nicotine vape level and now wishes to vape without any of it present. It is also a great option for those who are relatively new to vaping and wants to start on a slow and safe note.


  • 3mg/mL


This level is appropriate for consumers who wish to change their habit from consuming a high-vape intake (somewhat equivalent to 6-7 light cigarettes).


  • 6mg/mL


This is the right nicotine level for vape users who smoke 10 or more light or double-filtered cigarettes throughout the whole day.


  • 12mg/mL


This is adequate for consumers who had a habit of burning 30 or more cigarettes every day. It is also for those who picked up the bad habit of smoking unfiltered cigarettes.


Final Words:-


You may be at level one. But that doesn’t imply that you will stay at that consumption level for long. The wise thing to do would be to try out different e-juices with other safe nicotine levels to know which one personally suits your smoke needs best.


Vaping is all about enjoying your pass-time. Make the most of it with the right equipment and vape juice with the correct level.


And lastly, always purchase your vape juice from a reputed vape shop supplier near me for your peace of mind. The last thing you want to consume in some substandard juice that further leads to severe-long term health complications.

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