When handling heavy glass pieces, there’s a big difference between lifting it safely, efficiently than just lifting it (for the sake of getting the work done).

Fortunately, when you tie up with professional company specialising in glass lifting equipment rental services; you get quality machinery to handle heavy glass pieces properly and safely without accidents. 

In addition to the work proficiency; they also provide you with glass lifters which are fast, efficient and easy to work with.

So, if you have a glass piece which weighs half-a-ton, then it’s best to ask with these service providers on which glass lifter is best for the job.

Further discussion on this matter follows in the post below. So continue reading.

What Works Best For Half-Ton Indoor/Outdoor Glass Pieces?

  • For Outdoor Glass Piece Installations Weighting 800+ pounds. 

Field experts or equipment suppliers in Brisbane recommend going with a quality outdoor high lifter which can handle weight several times its own. The equipment also needs to be durable, has to last 8+ hours after charge, and which works on various terrains.

Ideally; you can opt for the SL 380 outdoor high lifter for handling glasses weighing 837 pounds (and more). It is one of the best-sellers in the market as per the user-interview.

  • For Indoor Glass Piece Installations Weighting 800 pounds. 

Regardless of whether your indoor project requires you to install straight/curved/even fire-rated glass doors; then as per user reviews; you can request for a SL 380 indoor lifting equipment from your service provider.

As per its USPs go, this highly popular lifter can handle large-sized glass pieces weighing 904lbs. (and more) without problems. This allows users to adjust their position and an extension arm, which is more than 1.6 ft in measurement.

This equipment allows for flawless and hassle-free installations, and it does seem worthy of your investment.

Speak To The Experts To Sort Out The Right Lifter For Your Project:-

If you have a giant glass piece weighing more than half-a-ton (be it for outdoor or indoor installation), then there it would be wise to sit down with your equipment hire provider and discuss your needs.

Whether it’s for high rise-glazing or fitting large-sized glass pieces for commercial showrooms/private houses; aim for units which house state-of-the-art specs, remote control feature and walk-behind drive technology. 

Along with discussing your lifter needs; ask your provider to share some samples of their most successful work done using those lifters. That will present you peace-of-mind knowing that those equipment are quality-proven and ready for use.

Last Words:

Regardless of whether it is a half-ton glass piece, below that mark or anywhere near that mark, having a quality lifter to haul, lift and deport curved, straight or customised glass pieces in a job site, is paramount!

It reduces the chances of dangerous accidents or any structural damage to the project. 

So, now that you have a clear picture on which lifters are suitable for your half-ton glass pieces, contact a reputed glass handling equipment hire company in Brisbane in the area and convey your requirements.

Author's Bio: 

The author...has lots of field experience in glass lifting equipment rental and being an avid glass handling equipment hire company in Brisbane; we also educate clients on those trending units which are popular in the area.