The animated explainer video is very important to give your audience a brief introduction about your website, product or business. A good animated explainer video can create good impact to the audience and helps you enhance your business in a good manner. Now it is very important to consider the quality of your animated explainer video. Audience would never prefer or enjoy a boring, so lengthy and a dry kind of animated explainer video. Audience would always go for an exciting, informational and a short animated explainer video, otherwise they will stop the video even before the middle.

The length of an animation explainer videos matters a lot. A 5 minutes long and boring video will never entertain your audience and hence it will not be beneficial creating and posting a very long animated explainer video. You can keep your video short and sweet, which means the length should not exceed more than 2 minutes. The significant drop of engagement is between 2 to 3 minutes, so you need to be very careful while creating your animated explainer video. Following this technique, you can get your audience equally attracted to your content. Shorter the video, the more connected your audience will be to your content. Now the question is how come anyone create such a short video and introduce everything in it. Well, it is not necessary to add each and every thing in the animated explainer video. You just need to add the basic introduction and just highlights of your product which could grab the interest and the attention of the target audience. You need to fix the content very smoothly in a short advertising video to collect more views. Try to keep your advertisement creative because when you will bring the creativity inside, automatically you will get a perfect short animated explainer video for the introduction to your product. You can use the call to actions or the YouTube cards to keep your audience engaged with your animated explainer video. These kind of small efforts could bring a lot of audience to your website and ultimately, the business will grow simultaneously.

It is not always necessary to keep the animated explainer video length just 2 minutes. It can depend upon your audience that what kind of audience you have and what they would like to know. It also depends upon the kind of product you are selling. If it is an electronic product then of course you can exceed the limit of time and make an animated explainer video of up to 3 minutes. It is quite important to convey the message, to give the explanatory details and give audience the know how of your product so you can decide the length of the video. It is all up to you how you make a plan and how you decide to keep your video creative by explaining much in a short period of time. If you balance everything, then it is quite a great job.

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