Most individuals, before they get into a relationship, create a list or ‘qualifications’ of things they would like their partner to possess. For the guys, they like someone who is submissive, gentle, caring, smart and of course, beautiful. Whilst for the ladies, the list can include a house, a car, a trendy phone and he has to be handsome.

Without these qualities, they could not even be attracted to the person. without realizing it, they have already built conditions for their partners and it is not unconditional love at all. As much as most people declares that devotion ends when you begin to attach conditions to it, however, I think otherwise.

In fact, romance begins to end when you stop having conditionals. Okay, so does it makes sense—think about it. Once you cease to meet your partner’s conditions, like say, coming home in time and doing stuff they like, the romance between you two just flies out of the window—yeah, just like that.

Well, isn’t that conditional love? And the only love that we could consider unconditional is parental love. Oh yes, no matter what the child does, the parent still loves him/her. The state of unconditional love is one where a person loves someone without looking where they come from, how they look like, or at the things they do.

Only then could you say that indeed you have unconditional love. Wow, sounds romantic, isn’t it? But then again, there are some girls who say they will rather be seen crying in a limousine instead of being with a poor guy and smiling. Who likes to worry about money anyway, that’s their logic for that.

There are some women who would rather be with a rich and good looking man who has a dream house than be with a poor guy. Though the poor man would have loved them better they can’t be with him or his kind. Now, isn’t that conditional—what do you think? With the numerous conditions which we present our partners, about the time they must get home and what they must do and not do, we can’t truly say that unconditional affection exists.

We might as well hide behind being concerned but that’s not being concerned. It is also customarily believed that a poor individual would more likely to cheat on you than a rich man. And why is that—it’s because most rich men are just too busy to engage in multiple relationships while the poor fellow has all the spare time in the world.

They will also make passes at girls simply to prove their manhood. So the question is, if you are concerned about your lover, why then do you get angry at them to the extent of terminating the relationship? If you loved someone too much and what you have for him/her is unconditional love, then you don’t want to end the relationship for whatever reason.

So go ahead, have a conditional love because if you love someone unconditionally, the person may end up abusing the relationship knowing that you would still forgive them no matter what.

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The author of this article, Amy Twain, is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Amy recently published a new home study course on how to boost your Self Esteem. Click here to get more info about her Quick-Action Plan for A More Confident You.