Vue is a progressively Javascript Framework to build UI and single page apps. It is an open-source Model-View-View Model (MVVM) framework. The core framework is basically focused on the view layer and it can be easily integrated with other libraries and projects too. Using modern tools and libraries, Single page apps can be easily handled. Vuejs 3.0 has been officially launched and planned to upgrade to Javascript framework which is used to build web user interfaces. Vuejs 3.0 is smaller, faster, more maintainable, equipped with better TypeScript support, and easier to target native. Let us see what’s new in Vuejs 3.0?

What’s New In Vuejs 3.0?
In the last few years, there has been changes in vuejs development. Also, the community has grown from a small upstart to a full-fledged SPA library. With this new version, the team has added few supports to augment the library, simplify coding on Vue and adopt modern techniques of web development. Let’s have a look at new features of Vuejs 3.0.

Features Of Vuejs 3.0-
1. Composition API-
It is one of the greatest features in Vuejs 3.0. It has added a set of function-based APIs called as Composition API. These APIs are added to address the issues in Vue 2. Composition API has was launched as a plugin however in Vuejs 3.0 it doesn’t have to be installed like a plug in like previous. Now, it is in-built into the package and can be used without any extra setup. One main reason of formulating Composition API is to improve quality of code by allowing decouple features of logic.

In vue 2 where developers depends on extending the object and then share logic, vue 3 enables the sharing feature through standard Javascript/Typescript patterns rather than inventing new. It helps to see the features as they were added. Also, the Composition API makes it easy for types to infer, which supports the typescript in a better way. Vue 3.0 allows the component building and new API toco-exist with options API, without replacing it. Composition API provides flexible code organization and logic reuse capabilities with other improvements. Codes are easy to ready and organized better when written with Composition API.

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