Dry Yeast is the most important microbial product for human beings. Since the beginning of the history of human brewing, vinegar making and sauce making, it has been dealt with with yeast, which can be traced back to the centuries old Babylonian times and the Chinese Zhou Dynasty. As a medicine, it has been carried into the national pharmacopoeia as early as several decades ago in the United States, Britain and Japan. Chinese medicine has been used to treat digestive diseases hundreds of years ago.

Yeast, as a microbial organism, is produced by human industrialization, and it is also the world's best. Without any microbial species, the production of the yeast can reach millions of tons in the world. It is distributed all over the world. The country has no size, poor and rich, and there are yeast or yeast products. Because of the flour food that people live on every day, it must be fermented by yeast, and all kinds of drinks that people love must be fermented by yeast.

The yeast has great contribution to the human diet. The development of modern biotechnology has expanded the scope of yeast in human society. Widely used in food, chemical industry, metallurgy, energy, information, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, beauty and other fields have yeast. Yeast has been emerging as an engineering bacterium for the production of advanced biochemical products and pharmaceuticals. The production of fuel ethanol by yeast has been realized. The use of yeast to produce a new generation of healthy condiments has begun to take shape, and more than 10 kinds of drugs have been extracted from yeast cells. More and more advanced chemical raw materials such as organic acids, alcohols and lipids are produced by yeast.

The development of the production technology of active dry yeast has provided the society with high quality and convenient transportation of active dry yeast, which promoted the circulation of yeast in remote areas and factories, facilitated the life of people, improved the quality of the products and promoted the wider application of yeast. The demand for yeast in the market is also increasing.

How to Choose Right Dry Yeast?

(i) To pay attention to check the production date of the product

Because yeast is a microorganism, only under certain conditions to preserve a certain amount of time, beyond the shelf life, its biological activity will be reduced, and even lost biological activity.

(ii) to buy the hard yeast of the bag

Because dry yeast is particularly sensitive to oxygen, the use of aluminum foil multilayer composite vacuum sealing filled with nitrogen packaging, yeast itself and air completely isolated, it can be preserved for a long time.

(iii) to buy yeast wholesale suitable for bread formulation requirements

The same brand of active dry yeast, there are different packaging color or printed with different text to distinguish between the appropriate formula for the bread products.

(iv) Rigorous sensory examination

When buying fresh yeast, such yeast can not be used when the yeast surface is moldy, metamorphic, long green hair, and self soluble.

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