Aloha! Yes, I said it, per usual! Why?

The beautiful Hawai’ian word, “aloha,” is commonly thought by people outside the culture as meaning, “hello,” or, “goodbye.” Actually, the word translates as, “breath of life.” “Alo” = life; “ha” = breath. The “ha” breath in Hawai’ian culture encompasses a specific meaning & interpersonal ritual beyond the usual breathing process, but later for that. Back to aloha for now.

As I approach my 16th year anniversary of living on the beautiful neighbor island of Kaua’i, I appreciate looking back and reflecting upon how the even lesser-known, deeper meaning embraced by Hawai’ian kahunas manifests in the community-oriented culture here. Each letter of the word, “aloha” takes on an aspect of the spirit of the culture:

A = ala, watchful alertness
L = lokahi, working with unity
O = `oia`i`o, truthful honesty
H = ha‘aha‘a, humility
A = ahounui, patient perseverance

Though no place is Utopia, I hold a strong appreciation for living within this culture truly based in raw, spiritual, heart-to-heart values. To put it in my own words, “aloha” is the embodiment of love in action. My joyously crafted life here has been and continues to be an inspiration for me as I navigate the journey of my service-based business.

Careful – don’t take the soft sound of all of that as any invitation to take advantage, as is frequently the western mainstream habit. Service. Not servitude. Love in action includes compassionate detachment, as noted with the very first, “A” = watchful alertness. You are seen. Especially on Kaua’i, that truthful honesty may take on an in-your-face truth dart quality that surprises you. It’s volcanic soil, after all, and the current volcanic activity provides an ever-present reminder of the power of Mother Nature trumping any mundane drama without even a blink.

Verbal as I am, words fall short in expressing the deep gratitude I feel for my life and business. As I provide service via phone, individuals worldwide are availed the opportunity of benefiting from this uniquely special place without the hassle or expense of travel. I’ve witnessed and supported my private clients as they take flight and soar, creating lives of new vibrancy in their respective cutting edge professions. Their success when taking inspired action takes my breath away at times, and I have to “ha” myself! Mahalo Ke Akua!

So, what’s, “aloha” got to do with it? EVERYTHING! It’s the foundation. A DEEP, resonant foundation that I would LOVE for the rest of the world to tune into more astutely. BAM!!! (Blessed and Multiplied)

Miracles and blessings,
Dr. Renee

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T. Renee Richardson, DD, "The AmBadassador of Light!" author, “Try This at Home! A Four-Step Guide to Practical Intuitive Development,” author, “The No Brain, No Gain Fastkine Dating Guide for Men…,” author, “The B-Natural Self-Care & Maintenance Guide,” contributing author: upcoming “SoulFree,” and author of upcoming, “Fiddy Grades of Yay!” metaphysical erotica collection, is a well respected, professional, potent healer and clairvoyant with over 35 years of experience helping thousands of clients worldwide to effectively achieve their cutting-edge goals. She offers services via phone appointment for your convenience, and loves providing an accessible network of support to those experiencing life transitions, such as career change, business expansion, and retirement, helping individuals build joyous, loving lives of new vibrancy. Her dedication to her path and her accuracy, compassionate detachment, authenticity, positive attitude and sense of humor have made her a sought after healer recognized worldwide.