QuickBooks Premier hosting is quite a popular name among accountants and small businesses as it’s the middle level of accounting software which exist among its other two famous versions; Pro and Enterprise. Any company that is looking for an accounting solution which has better features than the Pro version, but not as advance as the Enterprise one, can go for the QuickBooks Premier hosting solution.

There are a couple of very common benefits of the QuickBooks Premier hosting solution, but in this blog post, we will try to uncover the hidden advantages of opting this advance solution which has been benefiting the small businesses and accountants from almost a decade.

A cost-saving tool for the future

There is a long list of people who choose the QuickBooks Premier hosting solution with the motive of saving money. While it is true that this brilliant solution can help you to save money, but that is possible only in the long run.

If someone is installing the QuickBooks Premier hosting by thinking that as soon as the cloud accounting version starts working, all the money-guzzler factors will be instantly eliminated, then they might return back with empty hands of expectation.

The QuickBooks solution can save you a decent amount of money, but only in the long run. You will start noticing the different ways through which this advantageous accounting software will allow you to minimize your expenses.

The power of defining roles

Many people are aware ofthe multi-user feature of the QuickBooks Premier hosting which allows them to add multiple people on a project and make their outsourced employees work as a team. But there is one special feature of this multi-user feature which resides only in the hands of the administrator.

As an admin, you can easily limit the accessibility of any user using the QuickBooks Premier hosting solution through the multi-user feature. There are some files and folders or some features of your accounting solution which you don’t want to be accessed by anyone else due to
security reason.

So in such cases, you can easily define the roles of different users by limiting their boundaries of accessibility.

An option to opt out

Many people are afraid of choosing the QuickBooks Premier hosting solution because they think that once they choose a wrong hosting provider, then they will have no any option otherthan sticking to the same unworthy hosting provider. But that’s not the truth.

While signing up for a cloud hosting service, you are not obliged to sign any contract which makes sure that you use the cloud services of a particular cloud provider for a certain period of time.

This gives you the flexibility to opt out of the cloud service of your hosting provider, on the day one of their services, if you are not satisfied with them. You may find the road to switching to a cloud provider difficult but it is will better than a wrong hosting provider who isn’t capable enough of passing the cloud benefits to you.

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Nitin Patel is content manager at Highness Cloud Hosting. He has a vast knowledge and experience about cloud accounting, cloud hosting and accounting software hosted on the cloud.