Medical research shows that the best age for women to give birth is 24 to 28 years old. However, with the general postponement of the age of marriage and childbearing in cities, there is an increasing number of elderly mothers. In some hospitals, 50 percent of first-time mothers are over 30 years old, while more than 10 percent are over 35 years old.

Experts warn that women who marry too late and have children too late will not only increase the risk of gynecological diseases such as ovarian cancer, endometriosis and breast cancer, but also have a negative impact on the fetus. Studies have shown that elderly women are more likely to develop gestational diabetes, and mothers with high blood sugar are at increased risk of heart disease in their fetuses.

"Having babies too late can also affect the baby."

A first-time mother over 35 years of age is considered as "advanced age of first birth". The older a woman gets, the more her eggs are exposed to radiation and harmful substances, and the greater the chance of mutations in her genetic material will be.

A female is born with the egg. After the egg has undergone its first meiosis in infancy, the quietness period can last for decades, and late birth means the egg has passed its optimal "shelf life", which will degrade in quality and multiply the likelihood of spontaneous miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth and birth defects.

A study shows that the rate of spontaneous abortion is 3 times higher than that of pregnant women aged 25 to 29. By age 35, there is a 1/350 of chance that a baby will have Down's syndrome, while by age 48, it is 1 in 10. Experts point out that elderly pregnant women with pelvic and ligament function degradation, weakened soft birth canal tissue elasticity, uterine contraction fatigue, incorrect fetal position will be easy to lead to prolonged labor and cause dystocia, resulting in fetal distress, increasing the rate of cesarean section.

"Age is a risk factor for gestational diabetes." Mothers with gestational diabetes not only put themselves at increased risk of gestational high blood pressure and ketoacidosis, but their fetuses are also at increased risk of heart disease, deformities, premature delivery and even death.

In addition, the proportion of elderly primipara combined with uterine fibroid is 8% to 14%, which is much higher than the 3% to 5% of general primipara. As pregnant women age, hormone levels in the body are not stable, which will lead to an increase in the incidence of genital tract tumors. While pregnancy combined with uterine fibroid can cause abortion in early pregnancy, fibroid degeneration in middle pregnancy, and a series of complications such as premature delivery in late pregnancy.

Doctors remind that although there are many adverse effects of advanced age first childbirth, they should not be too nervous. As long as you start to make preparations before pregnancy, you can still minimize the negative impact of advanced age first birth. The herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can work well on many symptoms caused by endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes or other female diseases. It can help you gain a better physiological status to conceive naturally.

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