Costa Rica is one of the topmost destinations in every bachelor’s bucket list. And why not, Costa Rica vacation offers one of the enthralling experiences of a lifetime. Along with amazing party destinations like Jaco and Manuel Antonio, this place offers the best nightlife, adventure-packed activities, incredible weather, and a lot more. Whether you are planning a trip or want to host your bachelor party in Costa Rica, do check these preparations well in advance.

Get Ready to Spend Some Bucks

As compared to other destinations like parts of South America and Hawaii, Costa Rica is quite economical but is far expensive than other Central American countries. Probably, it is because of the high rates of importing fuel and goods along with heavy import taxes.
Hence plan your budget accordingly!

One Week Is Not Enough

The place might appear small on the map, but don’t be fooled by its size. It is full of numerous adventurous and serene places to see. From misty cloud forests, awesome beaches, lush rainforests to rich wildlife and active volcanoes, the place have it all.

Planning a minimum of 2 weeks’ vacation will let you enjoy all the adventures and sightseeing spots without feeling rushed.

Make Prior Bookings for Accommodation

The best thing about Costa Rica is that your stay is not limited to cheap motels or expensive hotels. It is a beautiful country that offers you varieties of options to select from such as ocean view condos, high-end hotels, opulent mansions, magnificent villas, and more. You can even choose to stay at the beach facing rain forest.

There are accommodations available for every budget. But make bookings prior to having a comfortable stay.

Pack Essential Gears

Packing light is always recommended. But if you want to have the maximum fun, then you have to carry versatile gears like swimsuits, rain jackets, sandals, cover-up, and hat. The place offers adventure activities like surfing, scuba diving, and more. Hence, a swimsuit is a must.

Rain jackets are essential if you are planning your trip in the rainy season. In addition to this, you may carry sunscreen and a bug spray to protect yourself from the external elements.

Brush Up Your Spanish

Spanish is the official language in Costa Rica. A large majority of the population speaks English but if you want to be friendly with the locals then it is a good idea to polish your Spanish speaking skills.

If you don’t know Spanish at all, then it is wise to bring a phrasebook.

Jaco is the Best Party Destination

Though there are numerous party destinations in Costa Rica, the best among them is Jaco. It is a bustling beach town that is famous for its night party atmosphere. You can enjoy downing cocktails, ride the waves, and enjoy snorkeling and sea kayaking.

The place has numerous bars, live music, drinks, and dance. Just carry your passport and ID with you.

Avoid Exchanging Colones Beforehand

Most of the cities and towns in Costa Rica widely accept US dollars, particularly restaurants, hotels, and travel agencies. It is accepted even in the local supermarkets. Hence, you don’t have to exchange the colones in advance.

If there is a need, then get them exchanged from the banks to avail the best exchange rates. If you rent a car then keep some coins handy.

There is no specific way to spend your trip in Costa Rica. You can plan Costa Rica vacation as per your own choice. If you, as well as your friends, are hard on clubbing then you have enormous options. If you simply want to enjoy and relax then again it is a perfect scenic place.
So, plan a trip to Costa Rica and enjoy a great time!

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