Heart surgeries are very much critical to be performed as it requires a proper care after completion to avoid the chance of any complications. Recovering from it requires a lot of care and the patients has to follow some precautions for a better life after the surgery. Here are some of the important tips to be kept in mind for the aftercare of someone who has undergone heart surgery.

How to care of the incision after the surgery?
The proper care of the incision after heart surgery, includes the below mentioned steps:
• The incision should be kept clean and dry
• The cleansing of the area should be done with only soap and water
• A healthy diet is recommended
• Urgent medical assistance is advised if signs of infection appears such as drainage, opening of the incision line, redness or warmth around the incision or increase in body temperature.

Pain relief after heart surgery
After the surgery, some patients may face discomfort in their muscle or incision as well as other troubles such as itching, tightness or numbness around the incision. For the pain some pain medications will be prescribed.

Driving after heart surgery
Doctors usually recommend no driving for about six weeks. This may be shorter for patients who have had minimally invasive surgery. Check with your doctor what is appropriate for you.

Activity after heart surgery
There are some activities that are prohibited for the first six to eight weeks. Here are precautions to be taken:
• Standing in one place longer than 15 minutes is not recommended
• Lifting heavy objects is not advised
• Neither pushing nor pulling heavy objects
• Climbing up and down stairs several times a day is not recommended.
• The patients are advised to take a little walk daily.

Emotions after heart surgery
It is a common phenomenon that the patients get suffer from an emotional downfall after the surgery. Such negative feelings usually fade after the first few weeks. If they do not, it is advised to seek medical advice. It may help to:
• Get dressed every day
• Walk daily
• Resume hobbies and social activities
• Talk to other people and limit visits to 15 minutes at first, then increase them depending on how the patient feels while interacting with their dear ones.
• Get a good night's sleep
• It is also advised to join any kind of support group or cardiac rehabilitation program that may help them to feel better about themselves.

The cardiologists in India offer the best guidance regarding heart surgeries that also include providing proper care to the international patients coming from the other countries for the treatment.

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