What Positions Are Good With A Small Penis: What Is The Best Way To Increase Penis Size

1. Reverse missionary - this is with the woman on top lying on the man's chest just like missionary except with the woman on the top end. This angle as well as the friction, cause lots of clitoral stimulation which can help you can small situations.

2. Leg lifter - this one is with the woman lying on one side of her body and the man list her leg up and holds it for leverage. He can also hold her waist to control the thrusting. This is great for very deep penetration and allows you to create a unique sensation to her.

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3. Closed rear entry - if you are going to perform in rear entry position, it is a good idea because of the deep penetration and the G. spot angles. Add to that by closing or crossing her legs so they are tightly together leaving your self room to enter her. This will close up her vaginal walls and will make you feel much larger inside her.

4. Desk reach - this position can be performed as long as there is a desk or table next to the bed as above the level of the bed. Have the woman on top in reverse cowgirl position facing away from you and have her outstretch her arms and grab on to the desk or table. While she's reaching over, arch your back up slightly so that you have a good chance of hitting her G. spot.

Although small penis sex positions are good to practice, eventually your going to want to invest a little time into increasing penis size naturally by doing some simple penis exercises in the comfort of your own home.

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One of the basic truths about penis enlargement is that it will work for every man as long as the exercise and the rigid routines are followed correctly. The question sometimes comes around what if you have trouble stretching? If stretching problems occur, then it is imperative that someone be contacted either online or in person to see what the problem is with the routine or with other issues.

There is one truth in the world of penis enlargement and that is that no one knows everything about the science. There are just too many factors that go in with the exercise routine of distraction, and some of these things can go wrong and cause the penis enlargement program to be a failure. Faith in your skills will make you have a longer penis.

The truth about penis enlargement is that it takes a dedicated sword and a strong will to have a larger penis. Nothing else can stand in the way of that goal, be it working all night, being too tired, the kids are driving you crazy, all these things must be sidestepped or your penis will not be enlarged. One of the best ways to determine if you're having trouble with your penis stretching exercise routine is to monitor your gains.

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A good barometer would be ¼ inch gain every two months at least. Please understand that penis enlargement is not something to be taken lightly and even if you don't receive gigantic gains overnight does not mean that it's not working. One of the biggest facts of enlarging one's penis and making bigger girth progress on this is that it takes time. Rome was not built in a day and certainly Rome didn't have a penis as big as yours is going to be, as long as you stick with it.

Penis enlargement programs are bursting out all over the Internet and they come in all shapes and sizes, no pun intended. There are nutritional programs designed to benefit the penis alone and I find this absolutely ridiculous. This may sound like a broken record but it deems repeating once again, blood flow is the only reason for any increasing in your penis and will always be the only reason for increasing your penis. Of course surgery is the quickest, most invasive method, but it is a risky and very expensive endeavor at that.

The bottom line is that in order to have a longer and stronger penis, one must be disciplined and know exactly what you want and how to get it. If you are not seeing any results by week three or four, then obviously something's going wrong and you need a corrective action to get you back in the game. A great way to test of this is to continue back to the site to receive updates on new methods and maybe you may wind up with a larger penis one day.

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In order to instantly grow your penis two aspects come to mind, blood and nutrition. By having a strong heart and a firm order nothing you do will be in vain. You need to send more blood to your penis so that you can have a larger penis and relatively quickly at that.

There are many ways to go about starting a program to increase the size of your penis and one of the best ways is to sit down and make a journal. You can refer to it as your penis growth journal, Mr. Beatty Wiki, are even Jack of all trades. The choice is up to you but the main thing you need to understand is that honesty and commitment and discipline are your three best friends when it comes to penis enlargement.

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One way for instant enlargement is through surgery or pills. There are some risks involved, but if you research them and make sure you are prepared for whatever consequences, this is a sure-fire way to increase the size of your penis quickly. The more natural approach unfortunately does not have short cuts, but it is safer.

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I know you probably may have been enticed to get one of those male enhancement products for yourself. In fact most guys willingly spend hundreds of dollars on these products alone, in a desperate attempt to make themselves grow bigger down below. By learning how to stretch your penis with your hands, you can save that huge sum of money and yet still achieve the same result - or maybe, even better.

The actual fact is, for so many years man has used the very same principle of doing stretches on the male organ to grow it naturally larger. Even recent medical studies have found enough proof to show that this ancient male enhancement technique is still worth practising today!

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But how difficult are these stretching routines? Not at all! In fact, you can easily perform all the stretching actions on your penis in the comforts of your own home. It should only take you about 20-30 minutes to do the daily routines.

Here is one simple stretching technique you can start practising from today onwards:

1. Make sure your penis is in its limp state

2. Use your fingers to hold your penis by its head

3. Pull your organ away from you as much as possible

4. Hold your stretch for 10-15 seconds

5. Release your stretch and relax your organ

6 Repeat the whole routine several more times, varying the direction of your stretch

See how simple it is to do so? If you are really serious about gaining a significant amount of size to your manhood and no longer waking up to a small sized penis, then you should definitely make the effort to carry out the whole suite of stretching routines regularly!

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