Being at peace is the state of being where one is, fully immersed in life, living connected and completely accepting of all things. It is living without struggle, resisting change, or withholding oneself from life. Become connected by knowing yourself, tuning into who you are, how you are, and what you feel. This connection to yourself will help you in your connection to everything outside of yourself, allowing you to feel at one with everything. The moment you are in right now carries with it this possibility of connection.

We have the ability to consciously connect to both ourselves and the world around us continuously, and therefore we have the ability to find peace always in every moment. It is not some imagined time in the future we are aiming for; it is right now that peace is available. When you connect, you immerse yourself in the moment you are in; you are not distracted and you are not alone. You are being, existing, in a state of peace. When you are fully in the moment, resistance seems and feels unnecessary, for to resist anything at all is to be in a state that is closed off and afraid.

Acceptance is a necessary part of being in the moment and at peace. The more one practices connecting, the stronger the feeling of peace becomes. The emptiness that you have so often experienced in the past and feel even now at some level evaporates and is replaced by the desire to feel, understand, and connect even more. Because once you feel at ease and at peace in your own life, you will seek to experience this constantly instead of momentarily.

Peace is the feeling you have when all is right within you and around you. It is not just a momentary feeling; it always accessible. It is a choice to live this way. It is a choice you have to seek connection, to be in the moment, and to accept what is. Life can be lived in many ways, and one of the ways is from a place of peace. When you experience this feeling of peace, this way of being, you will understand that to live any other way is comparatively empty. Peace brings you closer to the world, yourself, and the life you are living, for you are not separate, but you are part of everything and are meant to exist this way.

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