A lot of people struggle with making big life decisions that affect their lifestyle, their families or their careers. It’s totally normal to question yourself in such situations and to fear making the wrong decision. But, if you are finding yourself stuck and feeling major anxiety about making the decision, that can be even worse than making the wrong decision. So what can you do? Here are three possible ways to help you make a decision and just get going.

List the Pros and Cons

First, get out a sheet of paper or open up a doc on your phone or computer and write down one or more possible courses of action that you could take in this situation. Then make a list of pros and cons for each of those situations. Now take it a step further and highlight the three biggest pros and the three biggest cons. You might even try quantifying your pros and cons for additional insight.

Do this for each of your possible solutions. If the best answer doesn’t leap off the page right away, it’s okay to give it some time. You might also want to write out the pros and cons of doing nothing at all and see if that motivates you to push forward to avoid the consequences of indecision. If a few days have passed, and you still truly aren’t sure which option makes the most sense, then it’s time to enlist some help.

Seek Out Advice from Loved Ones

Armed with your lists of pros and cons, ask a friend or family member for some feedback on your problem. This person might know you well enough that he or she can instantly spot the reason for any hesitation you might be feeling. Perhaps the reason for your indecision is obvious to those who know you best, even though the answers seem mysterious to you. Make sure the people you seek advice from have your wellbeing in mind. If you trust them to, they will be able to give you valuable feedback.

Consult a Professional

Finding an unbiased professional to help you make your decision could help you find the answers you’re looking for. Sometimes this means speaking with a therapist. You might have mental roadblocks preventing you from settling on one decision over another. Or maybe you have issues with commitment. A licensed therapist could help you overcome anything holding you back and move forward with your life, confident in your choices.

Now this might sound a little strange to you, especially if you are skeptical about metaphysical claims, but seeking the guidance of a professional psychic might really be a big help. Whether you believe in the possibility of psychic abilities or not, many psychics are adept at reading their client’s emotions and subconscious behaviors. This perception can be invaluable for helping you come to understand your own intuition about this situation and what is blocking you from moving forward. If you feel sheepish about seeing a psychic in person, alternatives like over-the-phone or online psychic services could be a good choice for you.

When faced with a tough decision at work or in your personal life, you simply need to evaluate your options, get some counsel and then make the best decision that you can. Eliminate perfectionist tendencies and stop worrying so much about what other people might think of you if things don’t work out as planned. Use one or all of these three tips to help you move past the complacency, choose a course of action and follow through on it.

Author's Bio: 

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.