Not all trends are made equal. Some become vintage while others become history! But the real question is, will they stay gone? As the age-old saying goes “what goes around comes around” and it’s never been truer in the world of fashion. With street style pushing the envelope forcing fashion houses to think further outside the box, it was only fitting that some trends take a backseat. These are the trends that are no longer riding shotgun!

Trend #1: Peacoats

Let’s talk about peacoats. This trend was a silent phenomenon! Almost everyone had one. Yes, it was a cool look but even the best looks lose their touch. Peacoats have been replaced with it’s more stylish cousin, the trenchcoat!

Trend #2: Cropped Blazers

Cropped blazers are over. This look was great in the nineties when people were obsessed with long legs, but we have since upped our game in the fashion world and long blazers are in. The main reason why cropped blazers are no longer buzzworthy is most likely because the cropped angle cuts you right at the waistline, making your torso look really short. Opt for a longer blazer this time around.

Trend #3: Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans use to be the “go-to” look for curvy women. It was all about balancing the hip ratio. Nowadays, women are embracing their curves no matter what their size and the bootcut jean is silently being phased out. You’ll see women of all shapes and sizes embracing skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, and straight-leg jeans as a welcomed change!

Trend #4: Bomber Jackets.

The bomber jacket was a good look while it lasted. This carefree overcoat added a touch of flavor to a casual look. People, however, have gone trench coat crazy as they come in different fabrics, weights, and colors. Some sling them over the shoulders for a chic look and other cinch them at the waist for a classic look. Either way, trenches are the new “it” coat and everyone should have one.

Trend #5: Ballet Flats

Ballet flats were always hard to wear. You either felt like something was missing or they didn’t help your fashion statement. Most women only carried these around as a backup solution to sore feet after spending too much time in high heels. I don’t think anyone will be too upset to see this trend go. Women are trading in their ballet flats for trendy chunky-heeled sandals. They aren’t too tall and they come in different styles, making it easy for any woman to find her fashion statement.

Trend #6: Corsets

Women everywhere are rejoicing. This comeback trend is headed back into the closet. Corsets have their moment from time to time and it’s always a matter of when they will show up again, not if. The corset can say two things. If you wear it right it says high fashion or understated sexy. On the other hand, it can say trashy and that you’re trying too hard. Either way, this trend is out for now and ladies are replacing it with peek-a-boo lace bralettes. Its lighter and there are no pesky underwire to worry about.

Trend #7: Bucket Hats

Bucket hats were the accessory of the nineties. Almost every rap group and celebrity were caught wearing this look at least once. Since then, this style has crept up in street style and the look doesn’t exactly say vintage. This look has been replaced with newsboy hats, fedoras and the like, but it seems to be time to hang up the hat trend for now. Most are opting for a crown or flowers or headband of jewels.

Trend #8: Overdrawn Lips

Overdrawn lips may have been hot for a while with the Kardashians, but the look has been taken to the extreme. Girls are coveting full lips and the lip liner was once their saving grace. The thing is, we can see when the lips size doesn’t quite measure up the lip liner. This trick is over! It is slowly becoming more acceptable to show your natural features. We can all thank our lucky stars for this one!

Trends #9: Super Contour/Highlighting

It’s not just the overdrawn lips that have been a huge hit on social media. Over-highlighting and over-contouring are slowly becoming a thing of the past, which is great news for women everywhere. Instead of applying heavy makeup, opt for accentuating your natural feature. Pick one flattering facial feature and play that look up. This adds an element of natural appeal to your look and gives you an authentic signature makeup style.

Trend #10: Skater Sneakers

Not everyone is a skater and no longer is it acceptable to wear vans everywhere you go. The skater shoes are out and it seems as though Converse sneakers, once again, reign supreme. The Converse shoe is always in style but people love it more these days because of its versatility. Another good thing about the Converse sneakers is that the dirtier they get and the older they are, the cooler they look.

For now, it seems like these trends are long gone. But who’s to say they are gone for good. That’s the beauty of fashion!

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