The mainstay of open air photo booths is SPACE!! And that is the principal hallmark of these photo booths at any event. With more space, the photo booths give more opportunities to be more innovative when it comes to clicking photos. With more space, these photo booths give more people to get clicked one at a time, and with more space, people get more liberty to be innovative and add more fun and frolics. 



Here on this page, we discuss a few advantages of these open air photobooths.

MORE SPACE = More Heads!! 

Yes! This is one of the mainstays of these open air photo booths. When you have more space for the photo sessions, you have the liberty of inviting more people for the photo sessions at a time. And again, there will be no more jostling with each other for spaces and no more fighting to take the limelight, pushing others behind, while posing for the click. 

Indeed, when you have the photo clicked in an open air photo booth in Melbourne you simply take your own space and be comfortable with it, posing in the way you like to be clicked in precisely the way you want to be. And when you have more guests posing in front of the camera, there is better 'guest satisfaction' and as a host, you gather more accolades than brickbats.

MORE SPACE = More Creativity!!

When you have more space at your photo booths, the subjects get more liberty to go creative. With more space, the guests can satisfactorily make most of the added space, to be creative while posing. With the right dress, right get up, proper use of the right props, these people can go ahead to be more creative and add some new pinch to the photo sessions that will make all the difference. 

Leave aside the subjects! When you have an open air booth, the additional space will give you the liberty to be creative in adding some added spice to your photo booth. You can be creative while adding some extra features, so much so that it gels with the overall theme that you have set for the event. You can add an innovative backdrop to the booth, which will add more splendour to the proceedings, by adding more fun and frolics for your guests. You also add more creativity while decorating it, which will make it more boisterous. So you see, when you have more space up your sleeve, you can do quite a bit of extra workout on your booth and that makes all the difference! 

MORE SPACE = More Quality!!

Obviously, when you have more space, it means you get a much superior quality of pictures. And why not? With more space you can be more innovative in adding a few extra lights, a few new angles and flashes here, and there, to create an all-new effect for the images. The shadows, a few innovative angles, extra light, and flash or two will collectively add a new dimension for the photos clicked, helping to make the most of the photo booth hire company in Melbourne that you have eyed on. If this does not justify your investment, what else will? 

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The author owns a company that hires out open air photo booths in Melbourne. The author is also a regular blogger and is an expert.