Are you afraid of blood? Men may see it after ejaculation. Currently, the incidence of hemospermia, aka blood in semen, is relatively high in life. When it comes to the treatment of blood in semen, you should clarify the reason and take advantage of tailored treatment according to different etiologies in the first instance.

For example, if blood in semen is caused by nonspecific infection of seminal vesicle and prostate, the patient should carry out anti-infective treatment. They could choose drugs with high concentration in the prostate and seminal vesicle for treatment.

In the event that the blood semen is caused by seminal vesicle and prostate tuberculosis, Patients could use anti-tuberculosis for treatment. And if it caused by Seminal vesicle and prostatic malignant diseases, patient could operate early.

For those who are not very clear about the cause of blood in semen, they should stop sexual life, go on anti-infection, prevent bleeding or physical therapy. If it necessary for patient to know of bleeding, specific check-up is needed.

Treat primary disease anyway. If the primary disease of hematological essence is not cured, blood exists in semen, which will affect semen quality and sperm function.

Meanwhile, if the treatment of primary diseases is not cure, it will also lead to a decline in body condition, sexual function and fertility, which will inevitably develop into male infertility. Therefore, for the blood semen phenomenon, you should identify the cause and treat it in time.

What are the selections of treatment?

There are many ways to treat blood in semen, like physical therapy and Chinese medicine. When it is complicated by posterior urethritis, patients could use posterior urethral infusion therapy. It is important for patient to treat in symptomatic, timely, and with targeted.

As long as the method is right, it is not difficult to cure. it will not affect sexual and fertility. Besides, you can use traditional Chinese medicine treatment for a complete cure, such as the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

Don't ignore the benefits of food therapy. While patients treat the primary diseases, they can use food to nourish body, clear away heat, promote dampness, cool blood and stop bleeding, like duck, red bean, water chestnut, winter gourd, fresh lotus root, lotus seed, jujube, tuckahoe, yam, fresh fish, fresh grass root and so on. Also, they also can choose suitable medicated diet to adjust body.

May the majority of male friends can learn from the above contents. If you have problems, you should go seek for a complete check-up. You need choose a regular public good hospital, so that the rehabilitation can be guaranteed to a large extent. Good luck, pals.

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