You can get a guy's curiosity at first with an attractive appearance, but it takes more dimension and deepness to maintain his attention. There is a whole menu of features that make you captivating to a guy. An outgoing, assertive nature can be very attractive to guys. But perhaps your shyness gets in the way, or nerves set in and your self-assurance diminishes.

Use these four straight forward pointers to look confident while you practice becoming confident.

1. Speak with confidence.

You are the authority on your experiences – so speak like one. Do not turn the dialouge into an overdone sales pitch, you can market your qualities with excitement. Do not down play your weekend and your interests – share the joy! Use words, excitement, and belief in yourself to establish a world that they can not wait to explore with you.

2. Look 'em in the eye.

The eyes have a ability to genuinely link you to another individual. A simple glance really can give each of you a look into the real inner person in front of you. You can be trained how to be confident by not being afraid to let others gaze in the windows. Look people in the eye when you talk. It will command their attention, and you will be seen as audacious.

3. Stand tall and walk proudly.

Ninety percent of communication is unvoiced, so be actively aware of the message your attitude is transmitting. A female that walks with round shoulders and her head down is showing that she has low self-esteem. Listen to what your mom told you all those years: keep your posture straight. A proud woman of high value would never curl her body inward and try to become unnoticiable. Participate in the world around you! Picture yourself in the spotlight and hold your best poise and posture.

4. Get rid of the car seat.

Self-assured people don't need to be constantly reassured. When you're telling a story, tell your story. Don't look around at your friends for their blessing. If your friends don't want to groove with you, get out there on your own. Break out of those old habits that hold you back. Dare to lead. You don't need a helping hand. Sieze the day, the night, and all that life has to offer.

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I'm Robyn Lee and I'm a relationship and dating adviser to women. I made many dating mistakes in the beginning that caused me to be single for a very long time. Since then I've learned how to attract and keep the man of my dreams. I share what I have learned with women across the world so they can form great relationships with men.

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