Some mediums do not just channel messages from the departed of this world. They have other gifts such as psychometry, reading the runes and even tarot which they would use if the sitter simply wanted a predictive reading as some people remain scared of mediumship, due the vastly incorrect media representation of it.

The strange but true fact is we are all simply of spirit in essence within a physical shell, and this shell we leave behind when we go through the transition called death. It seem to me that we live in a topsy turvy world whereby we pay a lot of time, attention and effort in maintaining our physical appearance instead of our spiritual appearance (which lives with us for eternity) the physical shell we are only ‘passing through.’

The dumbing down of society which sees us celebrate pretty faces, unintelligence, basic make-up and little creative vision, is made and produced by the media, with a highly sinister undertone of keeping the door shut on our true reality and human heritage.

The church has seen its numbers decreasing and does little to help the understanding of the afterlife. People who have evidential proof of this are told that this is no life after death and that spiritualism is a celebration of supernatural forces (my vicar actually told me this)

The bible itself is littered with spiritual references to mediums, angels and miracles and yet the church itself will deny this is you ask, quoting instead the resurrection.

Today’s mediums have more of an uphill battle than ever, with some of the poorly trained or fake mediums appearing on salubrious channels to be tested, often with poor results which make a mockery of the true message of mediumship. In an unregulated industry there is still a chance to see some type of discipline and training within the field.

One simply needs to go to the SNU and there a spiritualist church is sure to be near you. Go along and have a look and don’t be surprised if you get a message. The great mediums who work the platform up and down the country do so in a professional and quietly methodical way, taking little of no payment for their services and often holding down day jobs (many of which are in counselling or another human assistance service)

The charging for mediumship is a hot topic, but as with every other professional service of good standing the laws of commerce with us since the 1300’s still stand today. In a ideal world no psychic medium sensitive would charge but realistically, life costs money, and it’s spiralling, so paying for a reading is a fair exchange so long as the standard is excellent and you receive real evidence of the afterlife and your loved ones spiritual survival.

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