Massage is a powerful tool in the hands of a master. With it, you can relax or, on the contrary, cheer up, get rid of various diseases, establish metabolism and remove excess weight, stretch marks on the skin, and cellulite. Modern salons offer various types of exotic massage. We will help you understand them and choose the appropriate procedure.

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Traditional thai massage

Traditional Thai massage resembles in essence yoga, sometimes it is called "yoga massage" or "yoga for the lazy." Thai masters of Kharkov massage believe that all diseases and problems in the body are associated with impaired energy movement. By pressing on the muscles, reflexology, special positions, opening the joints, stretching - the circulation of energy in the body is restored and the body heals on the physical and mental level.

They will relieve tension from the clamped muscles throughout the body, relieve pain and discomfort in the back, and perform posture correction. After a Thai massage in the salon “Roy Thai” you will feel the flexibility and lightness in the body, you will become more energetic and energetic.

Japanese Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage technique was developed by Japanese physician Takuhiro Nakimoshi. Massage is performed using multiple finger pressure techniques at specific points on the body. Depending on the purpose of the massage and the state of health, the intensity and depth of pressure varies significantly. Despite the strong pressure in the hands of the master, you should not experience pain.

Shiatsu massage is used not only to treat diseases and improve the body, but also for diagnosis. By pressing on certain points, the massage therapist feels how the tissues behave, and can say what kind of health problems a person has.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage begins with the fact that you are covered with a sheet and the master performs the laying on of hands, adjusting to the next steps. All body work is performed under traditional Hawaiian music, which creates a special atmosphere. Hands of the masseur, as if dancing, adjusting to the rhythm of the music. Aromatic candles and essential oils are also actively used in the procedure. In the lomi-lomi technique, the hands, fingertips, forearms and elbows of the master work. Massage gives a relaxing effect. After the procedure, it is advisable to sleep well, after which you will feel a powerful surge of strength and energy.

This, of course, is not all the existing techniques of exotic massage, there are also Abhyanga, Watsu, four-hand massage, procedures using hot stones, cans, shells, glass balls and other materials. It is worth pampering yourself and taking a step to health by visiting a Thai, Japanese or Hawaiian massage salon, or you can try all the techniques and choose the right one to work with the body in the future.

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