The other night I watched the Smallville series finale and I must admit it was pretty good. Certainly took it in a direction that was surprising. The thing that really got my attention though was at the heart of the show.

Clark Kent, AKA Superman, is always questioning himself, doubting who he really is, uncertain as to where he fits in “This World”. Allowing fear to control his every move because of the failures from the past; the people that he has lost either through death or just relationships gone bad. This fear has caused him to be afraid to step up and claim his destiny…..

Sound familiar? It sure did strike a cord with me. I have spent so many years trying to be the person that I thought others wanted me to be as well as trying to prove other people wrong when they made predictions as to who I would become that I lost track of the “real me”. I have allowed my failures to define me, instead of seeing them for what they really are, the opportunity to become strong and to take the next step to where I am going.

That “fabulousness” that you long for, the strength to fight your enemy, the ability to get up just one more time when you get knocked down, is already within you. When you look at your past and the things that have happened, both good and bad, it is important to remember that if one thing was different you would not be the person that you are.

This reminds me of the Fifth Star Trek movie “The Final Frontier”. In it Spock’s brother, Sybok, is trying to help people to move on by “releasing their pain”, he was actually causing them to forget it as though it never happened. The scene that I remember the most is when Sybok is trying to “help” Kirk and Kirk responds by saying “I need my pain, it makes me who I am.”

Has there ever been a time that you thought, if only:

I had waited to get married….
I had not married the person that I married….
I had married him/her when I had the chance
I would have taken that job…..
I would not have taken that job…..
The list goes on and on…… Life is full of choices and those choices do not define who we are, how we handle the things that happen after those choices do.

Fabulously yours,

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Dianna Sandora is a fun, fresh and fabulous co-author of the Amazon Best seller: Juicy Joyful Life. My purpose is to use my optimism and enthusiasm to motivate and inspire you to appreciate yourself and encourage you to live your life to the fullest.