For a long time, we’ve been indulging in the gift that is cellular communication. The bulky phones with wind-up hand cranks from the 19th century have gone a long way to get to today’s multifunctional smartphones, without which we simply can’t function today. We’re so accustomed to our cellular phones that we’ve forgotten about how the phone isn’t always the best tool for the job. So what makes walkie-talkies better than cell phones? Let’s take a look!


1. A walkie-talkie works even in places without cell-tower support. Any hiker can tell you that. In lowlands, the range goes from 0.5 to 3 kilometers (0.31–1.86 miles). From the tops of mountains, you can reach 10 to 50 kilometers or more (6.21 to 31.07 miles). Hiking tourists also know that a radio is more reliable than a phone: its body is stronger and it’s often waterproof. Many walkie-talkies, after a single charge, work way long than phones, and dead batteries can be replaced with another set.

2. A walkie-talkie is free to use to communicate. You can use it when you travel to other countries so that you don’t have to spend money on cell phones. Consider what frequencies are allowed for use in the country you are visiting. You can access this information at or via another specialized resource.

3. Communicating within a team is easier with the help of a walkie-talkie. Unlike a cell phone, a walkie-talkie allows you to relay information not just to one person, but to everyone who’s on the same frequency. This allows you to effectively handle complicated situations where a group opinion is needed.

4. Instant communication can be achieved with a walkie-talkie, unlike with a phone. Seconds for which someone calls can run up health in extreme situations. With a walkie-talkie, the other end is just one push-to-talk key press away.

5. Cell phones can’t protect your private conversations from wiretapping, but a walkie-talkie can! More expensive models come with scramblers, or encoders, that work by making your speech incomprehensible for every listener but the one you want to transmit to when turned on.

6. Modern walkie-talkies can do more than just operate via direct transmission. For example, they can have a baby monitor mode. When you place one walkie-talkie near a crib, you will hear any noises the baby makes through another one. My phone can’t do that.

7. Can your phone call the International Space Station? Using a radio station, you can contact the ISS because there happen to be radio waves in space, too. To do that, you would need something a little more advanced than a licence-free walkie-talkie, something like a 20W VHF amateur radio. To use such a radio you’ll have to get permission, but the opportunity to reach out into space is worth it.

Based on what we’ve learned, a walkie-talkie will probably do you more good than a cell-phone in many situations and if you don’t know how to use one, you shouldn’t worry. Walkie-talkies for unlicensed use are extremely simple. Just turn them on, tune into the same channel, and press down on the Push-To-Talk button. Speak while the button is pressed, let it go after the message is sent.

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