Named Offshoring Destination of the Year 2008, the Philippines thrives in Business Process Outsourcing, fondly known as BPO. Catering to small and medium enterprises, Sidekiiks offers Canada the best solutions in efficiency, revenue gain, and customer preference as we manage their IT related activities.

Philippine telemarketing services are the best in Asia solely because Filipinos are comfortable with the use of the English language. With a culture that is closest to western influence, the Philippines is a continually growing back-office sector, that makes up 46% of the outsourcing business solutions. What used to cater to just the U.S.A. has now expanded its outsourcing partnerships with countries like Canada, Australia, U.K., France, Spain, etc.

The Philippine BPO partnership provides a highly skilled workforce with individuals whose educational attainment are unmatched in the rest of Asia. The country provides a better climate for business as well as great opportunity for growth. Outsourcing in the Philippines is a thriving business because of its proactive government, which encourages businesses to plant their roots within their country. Most of all, the Filipino himself is the greatest human capital asset.

Philippine telemarketing services are the best in the world today as they provide cost effective solutions that involve high quality cost of bandwidth, low hourly rates, IT-enabled business parks, redundant international activity, and the ability to help you reallocate your savings.

Top decision makers have voted the Philippines are their number one outsourcing partner because the Filipino understands their need as well as the importance of information security. With the perfect business environment and the friendliest workforce; it is highly telling why the Philippines has been voted the very best in BPO.

The Philippines has changed the way the world has defined professionalism in Business Process Outsourcing today. With the best technical support, IT-analysts, and customer care representatives, there is no doubt that the Philippines has succeeded in doing what it does best.

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Matt Hallaran is an Outsourcing Specialist, Founder and CEO of Sidekiiks Outsourcing Solutions a Business Process Outsourcing Company. Sidekiiks supports entrepreneurs and SME’s with an array of cost effective business services that help their clients grow and become more productive. Matt is an avid outdoorsmen with keen interests in sailing, snowboarding and mountain biking. Above all, Matt has a passion for traveling and educating people how they can work efficiently and often from anywhere when leveraging the power of the Internet and virtual work teams.