Self-motivated people are passionate about their interests and beliefs. For
instance, they could be health enthusiasts who understand why health
is crucial to their success. Because they believe this, they do everything they
can to be healthy.

Those who are self-motivated are also advocates of discipline. Without
this mind set, it’s not possible to follow a regular routine of exercise, a
healthy diet, or do anything else which requires daily effort, like
working toward the achievement of your goals.

Lack of Energy or Self-Motivation?

It’s possible to mistake a lack of energy for an absence of self motivation.
If you feel too fatigued to act in a motivated way, you may
be experiencing challenges that go deeper than self-motivation.

You might be fighting feelings of excess stress, depression, or low self-esteem.
These mental challenges compromise your desire to
accomplish your goals. You might have a physical reason for your lack
of motivation – low energy caused by poor nutrition, lack of exercise,
or even not enough sleep.

Adding nutritious foods and vitamin supplements to your diet,
exercising, and acquiring good sleep habits can go a long way towards
increasing your energy. Daily meditation can reduce stress, promote
feelings of well being, raise your self-esteem, and increase your

If you find yourself seriously lacking the energy to work towards the
fulfillment of your dreams, check with your doctor or other health
professional for a regimen that can increase your energy.

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