One gets peace of mind by holding a life insurance policy as it insures his or her life. Life insurance policies generally assure an insurance holder that in case of his or her death, a designated beneficiary of that policy will get the sum that is assured under the policy. However, in some cases, as per the contract, an insurance policy may facilitate a sum of money in case of terminal illness. On the other hand, losing a mobile that is insured under an insurance policy, the owner of that mobile gets back a new one by virtue of that insurance policy.
The value of life can’t be compared with the price of a mobile in any way. These two are of different values. But, you may find similarities between these two, when both are insured under insurance policies. Insurance agencies cover both life and mobile with insurance policies. As you know, insurance agencies not cover life only, but, nowadays, these agencies also insure house or car or any valuable asset. As mobile phone has become a common utensil, insurance agencies are eagerly providing insurance policies for this item. People, who possess costly mobiles, tend to protect their mobile by insuring it under any insurance policy.
To discuss on the differences between insurance policies against mobile and life; the first thing that comes in mind is an insurance policy holder of both the kinds though gets benefits still; in case of mobile phone insurance, he or she gets benefits directly in case of loss or damage of his or her mobile. On the other hand, a life insurance policy holder never gets full benefits of insurance directly. In case of death of the client, the designated beneficiary gets the benefits of life insurance policies. However, at the time of maturity of an insurance policy, an insurance policy holder gets total sum, assured by the insurance agency.
Losing life, one can’t get it back in any way. On the other hand, losing a costly mobile, though may an expensive way still; one may but it. Therefore, regarding worthiness life insurance is of higher worth than mobile phone insurance.
People tend to buy life insurance policies at their level best in terms of money. But, a mobile can be insured as per its price. Therefore, in terms of sum assured against both these insurance policies, one can observe a great difference.
Life insurance policies not only facilitate a client to cover his or her life under insurance policies but it is a kind of system that encourages clients to save money also. At the time of maturity of a life insurance policy, a client gets a great total. On the other hand, insurance policies against mobile phones, in most cases, never guarantee any maturity facility of that policy. Only in case of damage or theft or losing it any way, benefits would be accessible. Therefore, a life insurance can be a means of saving money as well, but, in case of iphone insurance, it might not be true.
Therefore, a great number of differences can be observed between mobile insurance and life insurance. However, there are similarities also between these two types of insurances.

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