There is a constant restlessness going on in my mind, and I have to confess that I am a really terrible person. Anyone who will commit to me for a relationship will have to possess a lot of strength and patience to deal with my mood swings. I can be the center of attraction in a party, and the sobbing idiot the right next moment. The funny thing is that I know these things about me and I am ready to accept them for life.

Nevertheless, the only thing that soothes my soul is travel.

I love visiting new places in India and abroad, if or if not I have money. You must be thinking how I can travel without money. Well, when I am broke, I would just go to the Marine Drive and sit in silence. The crowd of people does not annoy me at all and I love sitting there for hours. I have been there for an entire night once and I have nothing to complain. This capability of staying alone for long hours makes me a traveler.

I don’t need anyone’s company to make a travel plan. I just know that I have to go out of Mumbai at least four times in a year for a few days, which does not include the weekend getaways. I go for weekend short trips many times in a year on my bike or car rental, whichever suits the situation.

Experimenting with food

The main thing that drives me to get out of the house is food. I can drive for a hundred kilometers just to taste the bhajiya that a tea-vendor sells on a hillside. My girlfriend went crazy over it when I scolded her for not waking up on time and I had to miss that bhajiya because of her. I don’t long for fancy dinners, but simple food do appeal me a lot. At restaurants, I would look into other’s plates and ask the waiter about what they are eating. And I would order it instantly if or not it suits my palate. I believe in developing a taste for different ingredients, even if I have never heard about them. That is how I have discovered the Israeli cuisines in Kasol, Manali.

The luggage

My friends are aware that I would never say no to a road trip because I have my luggage ready at all times. Once, the office buddies hired a Self Drive Mumbai as they had planned to go to Lonavla and called me just to let me know that I have to accompany them. And guess what! I was ready!

It is another matter that I had been to Lonavla at least a dozen times earlier. It is such a bright place that you can never refuse to go there again and again, even if it is for a day’s trip.

I like to keep my luggage handy, for which I get to listen to my mom’s scolding many a times. She used to nag me a lot that I should keep that little suitcase in the almirah, but now she has made peace with it. She understands that it is a part of my room’s design and I will not move it.

In short, anything that includes the word travel in it is meant for me. The only thing that stops me to going around too much is the lack of leaves. I have to maintain my attendance at office because the unpaid leaves are not too many. Else, I would have never returned to Mumbai.

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