If you wanna have success in this world, then your ability to make yourself likeable will play an essential role. Find out what makes a person likeable and you will access a very important resource for your personal or professional success.

The truth is there are lots of things that can potentially make a person likeable. Various people have various tastes regarding other people, so there is a lot of leeway here.

But if you take a closer look, you will discover that there are certain key traits that stand out. These traits make a person likeable above all other traits, to most other people. I’d like to show you what these traits are.

1. Being Positive

The people who are most likeable exude positive energy. They are happy, content and optimist most of the time, and this feeling is contagious. When others interact with them or they’re simply around them, this positive feeling gets passed on.

Basically, because they are positive, they make others be positive. And since this is such a precious thing, it makes them very endearing as individuals. The power of being positive cannot be understated.

2. Being Confident

Confidence is another trait that’s very appealing. When we perceive that a person is confident, we automatically tend to like them or admire them more, or become attracted to them if they’re a member of the opposite sex.

In a way, confidence suggests that you’re a cool, capable person and you know this. So when you convey confidence, you convey these positive messages. And who doesn’t like a person who is cool and capable, right?

3. Liking People

We tend to like in turn the people who like us first. So it’s no coincidence that some of the most likeable people are appreciative of others. They’re confident, but not in a cold, arrogant way, rather in a friendly, humble way.

You’ll often hear others describing them as a pleasant person, or a sociable person; these are typically different way to convey that this person likes them and treats them well. It makes them feel appreciated and they appreciate in turn.

4. Being Fun

Likeable people are fun to be around. You may have noticed this. They joke around, they play around, they don’t take things too seriously and they know how to have a good time, as well as help others have a good time.

And since most of us really wanna have more fun and be around people who help us have fun, this is a very endearing trait. Just this quality alone can increase your likability significantly.

As you can see, most of these top traits that make a person likeable have to do with your attitude. Being positive, confident, fun and liking others, these are all attitudes. Indeed, how smart you are, how rich you are, how you dress or how you look influence to a much lesser degree how likeable you are.

So if you want to be more likeable, focus above all on developing these attitudes. Work on your mindset, improve your image of yourself, others and life, and become a better presence for others to have around. They will like you tenfold more as a result.

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If you have an inferiority complex or self-esteem issues, it’s key to work on overcoming them as well to be more likeable, plus know how to talk to people and have good social skills. Check out my articles on People Skills Decoded for more practical advice on these topics.