What makes a manicure?

The manicure is one of the most luxurious beauty treatments that you can treat yourself to on a regular basis. It is also one of the most popular nail treatments on the planet and there are many different types of manicures that you can choose from. Because of the variety of manicure treatments out there, the option you go with can be personalised according to your tastes.

But one thing remains the same about all manicures, and that is the layers. In this article, we discuss what makes a manicure?

What do you need for a Manicure?

The Base Coat

All manicures start with the most important layer, and that is the base coat. The base coat is the very first layer of the manicure because it is used as the layer upon which the rest of the manicure is built. For this reason, the base coat needs to be tough but also gentle enough for the other layers to fit on top of and blend into. The base coat is also what will help the next layers stick easily and it will also protect the nail from the perhaps harsh effects of the other layers.

The base coat of your manicure will determine the longevity of the manicure, so it is without a doubt important that you start off the process the right way by having a high-quality base coat.

The Colour Coat

This is the part of the manicure that actually brings the nail to life. The colour coat has the pigment and/or the glitter, and the last layer of the colour coat can also have the nail art that will give the manicure its unique look. Nail art is not the norm for all manicures, as the plain manicure is just as popular.
Each layer of the manicure is important and each is supposed to be kept thin. Usually, there are never more than 3 colour coats, as more than 3 coats can make the nail more prone to chipping and breaking, while it can also not look so great when you have too many layers on the nail. If the nail colour coat is a good quality polish, the manicurist might not need to add too many layers in order to get the desired effect.

The Top Coat

To seal the manicure in place and to keep everything looking fresh, the final layer that needs to be added to the manicure is the topcoat. Some might say that a top coat is not necessary, but every good manicurist will apply a good quality topcoat because they know just how important this final layer is.

The topcoat of the manicure is designed to be very hard and that is because it serves a protective purpose. For this reason, the topcoat is often a lot thicker than the other layers. The topcoat will add strength to the nail and this will make the nail a lot less likely to bend or break.
There is also an artistic element to the topcoat, as it is often glossy, which adds that extra wow factor to the manicure.

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