There are many factors to consider when purchasing a trampoline or trampoline replacement parts. These factors are vital in determining the lifespan and quality of a trampoline. Consumers who are familiar with ways to determine quality when purchasing trampolines or trampoline parts are more likely to obtain a trampoline which will be a long-term investment and provide years of fun for family and friends.

The most common options for trampoline shape are round and rectangular. Round trampolines tend to be the more budget-friendly option because they are the most cost effective for manufacturers to produce. They are also easier to locate and purchase because of their lower price, making them more common. Rectangular trampolines require tenacious material because of the excessive stress put on the frame in specific areas. The durable material required is why rectangular trampolines are generally more expensive than round trampolines. Though they are more expensive it is important to realize that they do tend to last much longer than round trampolines, simply because of the sturdier construction. Rectangular trampolines are used exclusively for athletic purposes due to their superior structure and performance. Due to the design of the trampoline the impact is distributed, putting less stress on the springs. Generally round trampolines are used for recreational purposes. The springs on round trampolines are pulled from multiple directions with each bounce, increasing the stress on the springs.

The length of the trampoline springs is also a very important factor to be considered when determining the quality of a trampoline. Longer springs, often affiliated with rectangular trampolines, provide a softer bounce allowing the jumper to go higher into the air. Shorter springs, common on modern mass produced trampolines, provide a shallow jolting bounce. Shorter springs also overstretch much easier than longer springs. Due to how easily they overstretch they are significantly less resilient to adult jumpers and present the need to be replaced frequently.

The material used to fabricate the trampoline safety pad is also an important factor for any present of future trampoline owner to consider. Trampoline safety pads are necessary to avoid injury. Safety pads are usually composed of either PVC Vinyl or Polyethylene. PVC Vinyl is an UV resistant vinyl designed to resist harsh UV rays. It is a durable material which will outlast Polyethylene. Polyethylene is not UV resistant, therefore it may quickly deteriorate.

Trampolines can be a very smart investment for anyone looking to have bonding time with friends and family, while also getting exercise and having fun. There are many different brands consisting of various price ranges. Consumers who are considering purchasing a trampoline should always remember that while the initial cost of the trampoline may be more, the long-term savings are limitless.

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