The integration of business and technology has become inevitable in today’s day and age. With complex company structures and the increased amount of functions that a company performs today, enterprise management needs a vital aid. Enterprise mobile application enables a business to conduct their day-to-day operations quicker, with more efficiency and most importantly with instant accountability.

Enterprise mobile app development is bound to undergo many levels of evolution and upgradation. So what lies in the near future for Enterprise Apps?

Many Functions, Many Apps

A unique feature of enterprise apps is that they can integrate a vast network of apps (new and legacy) used by the same company under the same platform. Thus, large organizations can have ad hoc apps for various departments like Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, Logistics, etc. and integrate them into a single network. This will avoid unnecessary complexities and at the same time bring diverse functions under a single integrated channel. This will help appraise department performances over a period of time.


Technology is making leaps at an unanticipated rate. With the introduction of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the day that these innovations would be in an enterprise mobile app is not far away! In order to enhance user experience and to include interaction with the outside environment within the enterprise app, companies can transform the way their employees work. This may also help in further increasing accountability.

Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots and machine-learning are very much a reality at the moment. As this technology has entered into most applications available in the market today, it has already become a part of enterprise apps. Machines have become increasingly smarter and intuitive. This attribute integrated with an enterprise app will be an added benefit as the enterprise app would learn productivity rate of a certain employee or department overtime and it can identify patterns and perhaps even generate suitable plans of action.

Instead of being suspicious of the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, mobile app developers are becoming more and more drawn toward this technology for introducing the applicable feature in their applications.

App Customization

The market is populated with vastly unique companies performing diverse functions. Thus, the needs of each organization would invariably vary. Enterprise mobile app development platforms are bound to experience a heavy demand for customization. Each company would require characteristics in the app that would most suit their functions. In this case, platforms like HokuApps that offer countless diverse pre-built elements can turn out to be immensely beneficial!


Many companies view cloud-based or external technologies as a threat. This is due to the dangerous lapses in technology that may put their vital, classified data at risk. Hence, apart from the integration of new technologies like VR and AI, more robust and secure applications are bound to be built. Thus, it is safe to say that the future of Enterprise Mobile App Development is sufficiently bright!


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