There are a few types of student leadership program that brings the best in students to become leaders of tomorrow.

Many schools hire experts in student leadership near Sunshine Coast to bring prominent changes in students.  When schools call for consultancy service for arranging a leadership program, generally they give stress on effective character-building programs through planning and engaging students in

  • incursion
  • excursion,

Students, especially those earnest learners, can imbibe multiple qualities and social skills by practically facing difficult situations more than relying on the theory of bookish knowledge.

Look how incursion can help students in building character with leadership program in Brisbane:


In an incursion, students take active participation in arranging school programs, be it career-oriented education class or character-building motivational teaching. In a school incursion program, an external consultancy team comes inside the school premises and arranges a musical program, enact plays with social messages, arrange special classes relating to the experimental subject matter.

A school incursion gives the scope to students to intermingle with people from outside, even students from other schools. Even the hired consultancy service asks students to help them in the setting up process. Through building cooperation with them and challenging for new situations help them to become leaders of tomorrow.

Impact of excursion in students for bringing in leadership quality in them:

A school excursion program has few steps to take into account that helps in building leadership quality in students. It is the responsibility of the teachers as well as hired consultancy services to welcome students in the planning process as well. Apart from the planning process, real-time visiting of a new place empowers students and helps them in building creative ideas which helps them later in taking a major decision and work under pressure. Some of the benefits of excursion for character building in student would be 

  • Efficient learning curriculum for students to grasp concepts.
  • Promote confidence building
  • Growth on participation and teamwork building
  • Learning the social skill of sharing, caring, and giving
  • Exposure to new experiences
  • Excitements for something upcoming or surprises.

Which one to choose between excursion and incursion for a leadership programmer?

Excursion or incursion are not alternatives to one another, rather they are codependent in terms of their contribution to students' character building. In excursion, they get the scope to visit a new place and face new challenges beyond school grounds. Whereas in the incursion, they welcome new people in their school premises and explore new social skills and challenges through joining in new activities.

Both kinds of leadership programs are significant for comprehensive learning. As the students are indulging in excursion programs from the primary level, they are slowly embracing the concept of global learning to become the pioneer of tomorrow.

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Kids of today, leaders of tomorrow! No one is born with leadership qualities. These are qualities inculcated in children from their initial days, especially in school days.