Hammers are one of the most commonly used tools that are found in our toolboxes. They are used in every task, from driving nails into wood to fixing the wood altogether. They are also used in breaking objects and other stuff like locks that you are unable to break with your bare hands. Different kinds of hammers are used in various tasks, and although it is not essential to own every kind of hammer for different tasks, it is a fact that a specific hammer used on a specific task will simple your work and make it fun.

Brief History of Hammers

When you step into the world of tools like hammers, you come to realize that there is a wide variety of tools that are available in the market that are beyond your realization! One of those tools is hammers. Now, as you already know, hammers had existed long before the evolution of homo sapiens that took over the world till now. Hammers were seen to be an essential tool even then for various works and jobs.

Most people know of the hammer as a single tool category; hammers themselves divide into more than 50 categories. This means there is a specific hammer for every kind of work that is out there. Today we will be talking about the type of hammers electricians use. So let's get right into it!

Electricians Hammer

Most of the electricians that I have come face to face with never have a hammer of their own and are always borrowing elsewhere. I’m not sure many people know that there is a hammer that is made specifically for electricians. Yes, the hammer is called an electricians hammer and has special and specific features to help electricians with their jobs.

Features of Electricians Hammer

These fascinating features include the hammer having a structural long and elongated throat, allowing the electricians to access deep holes and junk below that is otherwise hard to reach. Another prominent feature of these hammers is that they have claw tines specifically designed to remove things like Romex staples along with a neck that is made up of fiberglass and a handle that has been over-molded and built with rubber to provide you with a comfortable grip. These electricians usually hammer weights from 16oz. It is one of the most used tools which are used on different occasions by electricians globally.

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