Bear this thought in mind if you are going to retire soon that, in every elderly people’s lives, a Medicare Supplement Plan plays a very basic and needed role. The Plan works as an insurance policy and it automatically adds the Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B in it.

If you decide to take the original Medicare, know that you won’t get every benefit in it. However, Medicare Supplement Plans will pay the left out parts of your original Medicare coverage. If you want you can always talk to your broker and change your plan by having the Medigap Plan G, as it will cover many important parts.

Your entire budget or savings will decide what kind of Medicare Supplement Plan you can get. Before you decide which coverage will benefit you the most, let’s know about what you are going to get with each Medicare Supplement Plan.

What kind of coverage you will receive?
Accept the fact that Medicare Supplement Plans will help the seniors who will be able to spend most of the money on the Plans. Know that, by having original Medicare you won’t get every benefit such as- coinsurance, copayments, and deductible, etc.

• With minimal coverage you should get the Plan A. All basic benefits will be covered by this Plan.
• If you take Medicare Plan F and Medicare Supplement Plan G, then you will get more coverage.
• By having Plan K and L, you will have full coverage.
• If you want to have overseas coverage, you will need Plan C, Plan D, Plan F, Plan M, Plan N, and Medicare Plan G.

What offers you are going to get from your insurance company?

Know your rights
When the Medicare Supplement open enrolment period will go on, you will have some rights.

In that period, if you do comparisons among the basic benefits, costs, downfalls of each Medicare Plans, and you would like to change your current plan, you can do that. You will have some openings and options to change or switch your current plan. You can consider taking the Medigap Plan G if you think it will serve your cause the most.

What each Medicare Plans will offer you?
• You will receive the combined form of basic Medicare coverage Plan by having Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.
• If you consider taking the Medicare Advantage (Medicare Plan C), you will be able to receive more benefits than the basic original Medicare.
• You will get the benefits of having Medicare Part D by having Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B together. All these will be added to your prescription drug coverage. However, you might have to pay an additional premium to have this Plan’s coverage.
• Those of you who want to lower their out-of-pocket costs a lot; they can consider having the Medigap (Supplement Medicare) instead of Medicare Advantage Plan (Medicare Plan C). Though, you won’t be receiving any additional coverage with these plans.

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Having the Medicare Supplement Plan G can always be your safety