We see celebrities all the time on TV, internet and just about every place we can imagine. They are selling everything ranging from their own movies to even toilet cleaners, isn’t it so?

Sportspersons, musicians, artists, social workers etc all are doing something and are always in the limelight. However, owing to this they also have a certain responsibility towards not just their work but also for society. The reason being that they are quite popular and are heard among their fan base and in general as well. And the same goes for the politicians as well but generally, it has been seen that they are more notorious rather than responsible or perhaps even famous.

You will be finding many mortals who celebrate such stars whether it is a movie actor or a sportsperson with a certain sense of awe and devotion. The thing is that we as regular humans want to know just about every aspect of the stars we like so much like what’s with the news which says Andy Cohen wants Lisa Vanderpump to return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, it is also important to know that with all of these celebrity perks there are many responsibilities as well which come with the whole package.

Yes, whether they like it or not but they are the role model for literally millions of people. And their actions are followed by their die-hard fans. Everything ranging from their product or service recommendations has a certain sway on the people who tend to follow them like maniacs.

Thus, it is important that you don’t get drunk in public places or perhaps get in unnecessary fights with other people which could negatively harm your reputation. And along with that, it would be really great that if you avoid any such parties and the controversies which your presence being in such places can bring to you.

Furthermore, one more such activities which especially the rising stars should avoid is to smoke in public. Yes, because in today’s world stars are considered as someone who is not flawed at all and are also depicted that way in the movies or in their public dealings. Thus, when a fan gets to know that his or her favourite celebrity generally tends to smoke sometimes or picks fights then it would do nothing but be hampering the celebrities reputation a very great deal. Overall it can be said that to be a celebrity is to make absolutely no mistakes.

Be the change you want to see in society. This is something which a celebrity can help accomplish and they must. Because with great power comes great responsibility. It needs to be understood that our society is more or less a living organism and to follow the protocols will only bring good and harmony to the society and a celebrity can be a very effective catalyst of doing so.

Conclusion: In conclusion, we can say that being a celebrity is not at all an easy thing however there is no doubt that there are also a lot of perks which a celebrity generally gets to enjoy. However, it is also important to know that with such influencing power also comes great responsibility which the celebrities must not overlook at all.

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I'm a writer and illustrator. I did graduation in Journalism. For my Postgraduate thesis, I researched on Communicative Science and Disorder.