Throwing a wonderful pamper bash that includes professional nails filled, polished, glam-eyes, liquid foundation, lip colour, gloss or even a blusher seems sounds like a lot of fun for all those little princesses.


This is a theme which also works well with a number of different occasions, such as sleepovers, birthday celebrations, Easter celebration, etc.


But keeping up with your kid’s expectations and preferences is always a frightening task for a parent. More so, when they have little clue of what to include and what to leave out.


“The trick is to make everything look pretty (much like those sweet angels). And fresh flowers and minimalistic styling, if done properly, will always make the occasion memorable.”


Here Are Some Ideas To Include:-


  • The Invitation:- Arrange for invitation cards with date, time and ending of the party. One popular choice is ‘Nail Varnish’designed invitations to add a sophisticated touch.


  • Decorations:-Turn the room, or the living hall into a beauty parlour as nothing says ‘Pamper Me’ more than a salon. Arrange for fairy lights, chairs, comb/hairbrush and a mirror for everyone. Keep certain colours like pink, rose red, red, magenta and ensure the table cloth is clutter free.


Then lay out all make-up items and other party favours. That will set the mood once your little girl, along with her group, enters. For the honorary of the event, set up a personalised chair with Nail Varnish Party Bags and Nail Varnish bunting along with her name. This will make her excited about the whole affair.


  • Food & Drinks:-You can start by arranging a stainless steel tier chocolate fountain completed with a variety of fruit, marshmallow and even chocolate. Not only do they look good, but they can be used later for other events too.


Other fun twists can be topping cupcakes with edible glitters or inserting chocolate sticks into small-sized cakes/candies. Also, use plastic cocktail glasses to serve either strawberry milkshake or apple juice alongside a heart-shaped ice-tray to make the drinking arrangements more girly.


  • The entertainment:- This is the most important part of the event. One good way to ensure the drinks don’t stop flowing and the party doesn’t end, is arranging for a premium pamper party package in Sydney from a quality service provider. These packages come with a litany of exciting inclusions namely:-


A pamper hostess, plenty of glittery nail polishes - even one for a different finger, hair sprays, pink lemonade while the girls get pampered, a small-sized tub to put the feet in and relax and face masks with light make-up.


Other inclusions include red carpet set-up, a portable music box with a wireless mike for Karaoke, dancing and Polaroid pictures (at extra costs).


In general terms, a pamper party entertainment package will come in the price bracket of Au$350- Au$400. So be sure to search the internet properly.


  • Party Favours At The End:- Ensure everyone gets a party bag filled with cute girly accessories namely hair clips, necklaces, stickers, fake rings, touch-up items like blush, lipstick, nail painting- all from trusted sources. They should all be leaving with a smile of appreciation on their faces.


So, If These Seem Interesting Enough For You? 


Then feel free to implement them in the next pamper party. One last word of advice would be to look for party organisers who with their arrangements also offer a kids party entertainer to keep the kids occupied in dancing, laughing and being pampered like princesses.


It will reduce your responsibility and even allow you to enjoy the party in your way!

Author's Bio: 

The author runs an event planning company that offers pamper party packages in Sydney at cost-effective rates. The author also includes a kids party entertainer to watch over the proceedings with every package and even educates the readers with articles and blogs on what includes in them.