Using protection if you have to use protection if you should use protection even though you have herpes, we're diagnosed with herpes. We think I'm going to have to use a condom with my husband with my wife. What if I want to have kids all about fun, so the short answer is no, you do not have to use condoms for the rest of your life? Oh, gross done unless, of course, you want to unless maybe you like him.

But most people do not like them, of course, right they get in the way they're annoying you have to buy em all that so the short answer is no, you don't have to use a condom the rest of your life but let me talk what condoms are perfect for and what they're excellent about right. Hence, condoms protect pregnancy well, so if that is your main thing to prevent pregnancy, they prevent pregnancy by 98%. Now, of course, you have to use it correctly consistently. Still, we're not afraid and herpes, so condoms.

Herpes Dating Advice –Is Your Herpes Status Getting You Down?

Protect you against the transmission of herpes between 30 and 50 percent of the time. If you've always used a condom, that's potentially why you have gotten herpes because the condom only covers certain areas, right. A lot of the other genital regions are exposed during sex.
So that's again, condoms only protect you thirty to fifty percent of the time. Now they're great, don't get me wrong.

If you want to, you know, look at protecting other STDs, STI is all that I'm not saying don't use condoms. What I'm saying is for herpes. The rest of your life and a relationship and things like that may not be something that you want to do, so here's what I recommend doing: there are ways you can discuss this with your partner.

There are ways you can move forward, and you're just going to want to discuss like hey do we want to use condoms? What's our number one thing? Is it preventing pregnancy? It's a preventing transmission of herpes where herpes is located on your body. Do the condom even cover it in some cases like my particular case. I get outbreaks, and I get them around my anal opening, so the condom wouldn't even prevent the transmission with that right, so talk to your partner.

It's the condom cover; it will be beneficial for your particular relationship in your specific outbreak? The other thing to think about is that antiviral antivirals are great at transmission or preventing transmission. They reduce the information by 48 percent, so they are probably your best protection method in preventing transmission of herpes again. Do you have to use condoms for the rest of your life? No, let's be serious. You don't want to, and that's a fear, right we hear that like, oh my gosh.

Am I going to have to use a condom for the rest of my life with my spouse? Are they ever going to want not to use the condom, so breathe it's okay my husband and I do not use condoms, so you know it's moved forward, and he has not gotten herpes, so there are ways to prevent this there are ways to communicate. There are ways to have safe sex, be conscious about it and talk to your partner all right; I love to see you in the next video, so I'll see you soon and then if you do not know about the secret society, I want to tell you about it it's an online community for people.

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Living with herpes, so it is 24-hour hand-holding it is from people all over the world it is a monthly subscription it's less than a Starbucks venti coffee, so it's super affordable anyways love to see you there we have weekly calls twice a week on Mondays, and it is it's like a family so if you're curious if you were just diagnosed if you're struggling if you're suffering all that come to check it out go to life with

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