Friends playing a really important role in one’s life. You may have that Bro(s) with whom you are spending most time with or partying when you want. But your life will be more interesting and different, when you have at least one Girl best friend in your life.

She can solve many probs and play supportive roles in your life that Your Bros can't. There are many reasons why girl best friend needed in your life, and make it more awesome.

A bae girl, who become relationship adviser for you
She can handle yourself way better than the guy. Guy has one option to make your mood and that it, a Drink. But in the case of girl best friend, that's not. She can guide you like a true friend and also can handle her who hurt you. She also helps you to come out from that phase, that describe a true friend of yours in tough time.

She knows what looks better on you
No surprises...Girls are better in choosing the right colors and dresses. If you have a Girl best friends then she can help you in shopping of clothes or any, that match you perfectly.
Helps you to pick a right color clothes,and to groom you better for looking good.

A Friend, that helps you to behave maturely
No matter who you are, you are always Perfect for your guy best friends. But if you have a girl best friends then she talk the fact on your face. Bros are the ones who accept that way you are. Great, but girl always have some choices, a criteria. Your girl best friend advice for such thing ,you need to change.

A suggestions to become mature and required improvements, that’s even saying to your face.

Because of her you are not shy anymore
Having a Girl best friends it is a sign that you are not that much Introvert in life. But at some time we all feel that shyness. But she can cure to your shy behavior. She can guide you to behave properly from creating a good image, (Also to express your feelings to your crush).

And if you are that introvert guy, and your best friend is girl then, she knows what in your introvert mind and let you came out from that shells.

A girl best friend is like sister from another mother (Just like your Bros)
It’s not easy to share everything with your best friends and with the family. Having a girl best friends, you can share with her a life tragedy happening with you and she can handle it as your Elder sister.

Like a Brother from another mother she also can play the role of the sister from another mother.

That one who Helps you in shopping
Whether you want to buy things for yourself or for your loved ones,your girl bestfriend can suggest you what to buy. As she knows girl nature better, hence can guide you on what to buy for your loved ones on her birthday or on a valentine.

Even Family have more trust on your girl best friend (Than you)
Your family might more feel tensed for you if you have the best friends just like you. The family wants you to be with the mature one. A girl best friends make your parents feel relief.

Because they take her as a responsible one and also feel you are with right company. Parents tend to trust more on her than your guy best friends. A girl, as friend is straightforward to family. She not favors you all time, just like your Bros.

You need girl best friend who become matchmaker for you
She is your Best friends and knows you very well. She knows many things about you like who you are, behavior, thinking, and feelings, too. She is there to find a Perfect partner for you. Because she is your Best friends.

She help you to be that one person for any other girl. Mean to say she is a matchmaker for you.

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