Many people, both spiritual and religious, have some confusion between Spirit and the Soul. They are not the same! The Soul is NOT the eternal part of your system… that is the Spirit, which is already redeemed. (For more about the Soul, read the article What is the Soul?) As much as possible, you want to be living in Spirit, which is the best level at which to live, learn, and have fun on this planet.

(Have you read the article The Human Energy System? If not, pause and read it first.)

Take a moment and draw a pyramid divided into three layers or levels. Your Spirit is at the top; it is the LIGHT that is in every person. In your supernatural blueprint, you are meant to be guided by Spirit, which tells you what to think, feel, believe and desire. Those thoughts, feelings and beliefs act as a filter on your sensory experiences, and they create/attract your physical reality. As the top of the pecking order, Spirit is responsible for connecting with the Spirit of God, or Holy Spirit. Hopefully the Holy Spirit will help you get into union with God. (For more about this concept, see the article The Human Energy System.)

We can all see that human beings somehow got cut off from divine intelligence. This is what happened at the Fall of Man (in the Christian tradition); effectively, a glitch showed up in the programming of the human race, and that’s why we needed a fix-patch from the manufacturer (i.e., Jesus Christ). You don’t need to identify yourself as a Christian in order to utilize this fix-patch; you just need to align with how the natural and the supernatural worlds work together. (That’s another whole article, of course!)

However, your Spirit never got disconnected; it is still redeemed and continues to speak to God. Your spirit always supports you and aligns itself with God. It’s just your Soul and body that are cut off from multidimensional eternal life. Your Spirit is the part that continues through all times and dimensions; it’s the light that illuminates your records. Remember what we said elsewhere about intelligence? Intelligence is truth and light, and you need that light of Spirit to read your own records, where your truth for this lifetime is digitally recorded on rings that are read by light.

When we talk about obedience – and naturally there is an article called What is Obedience? – we are looking at what gets us into alignment with Spirit rather than being controlled by the Soul. At the Soul level, you can go back and forth between what you want, and what you think; obedience to your own divine blueprint lets you rise above the Soul back into Spirit. The aim of Geotran™ human programming is to re-align you with your divine blueprint, restoring your energy system to its natural shape. Then you can really start to THRIVE!

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