There is a lot of misinformation about the Soul. Contrary to popular opinion, the Soul is NOT the eternal part of your system, nor is the highest level at which to live and learn. In fact, your Soul is full of blocks and confusion, and at the same time it believes it is the boss of your life. So what’s going on?

(Have you read the article The Human Energy System? If not, pause and read it first.)

Take a moment and draw a pyramid divided into three layers or levels. Your Spirit is at the top; it is the LIGHT that is in every person. The Soul is the middle level of this diagram, and it refers to what lies between your Spirit and your physical reality. The Soul is your psyche or psychology: what you think, feel, believe and desire. It includes your mind, heart, beliefs, emotions, personality, worries, intellect and will. It is the seat of your lower personality, the small self that believes it is the boss. Your mind and emotions will do whatever is needed to to keep you in the lower place where your Soul reigns supreme. You can never succeed or be excellent when your life is run by your lower personality.

Think about it: your mind can talk you in or out of anything. Your feelings are great at distracting you. Your will tends to be at the mercy of your personal, social, cultural and religious beliefs… or sidetracked by whatever you happen to be feeling and thinking at that moment. This is why Zen practitioners train for so long to acquire stillness of mind and heart: because they know that the lower personality is not the most reliable guide.

The article Past, Present, Future introduces the idea that thought is the past, thinking is the future, and emotion is a distorted version of the present. When you are living in the lower personality, you are not in the Now, which means you are not listening to God – I’m not talking about religion here, but about the brighter, more complex intelligence of which we are all a part.

So… when you are operating from your mind and your emotions, you are NOT running at the highest level possible. A lot of our thoughts and feelings are based on illusion and mass thought forms in the astral plane. As much as possible, we need to rise above those natural personal phenomena in favor of operating from Spirit, which is the light in every person. Spirit is always in alignment with the God in you; your job on this planet is to get the Soul and lower personality into alignment as well. Only then can your entire system be in alignment/union with God – so you can live with ease and grace.

Geotran™ human programming can be used to clear out the Soul level, so it can align with Spirit and up into full connection with God. This reconnects your divine blueprint, restoring your energy system to its natural shape. Then you can really start to LIVE!

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Dr. Kyre Adept is a certified Geotran™ human programmer and integration coach. Her practice ART of Integration is based in Santa Barbara, and she works with clients all over the world via phone and skype. Ready to create your rich, delicious life? For details and your FREE consultation, contact Dr. Kyre at, or by email at