As I sat in church listening to the pastor explain how meaningful names were in the Old Testament, the impact of my past hit me. The pastor used the example of Abram becoming Abraham, Father of Many Nations, yet he held that title for over 25 years before he fathered his son, Isaac.

Imagine what people thought for 25 years as he called himself that. They probably laughed. I'm guessing the older he got, the louder the laughter became. After all, he was nearly 100 when he fathered Isaac. Abraham and Sarah were probably the only parents buying Depends and Pampers at the same time!

The other thing that caught my attention is the fact that many highly successful professionals I meet wrap their identity up in their profession. One particular friend called me after voluntarily leaving his position and frantically exclaimed he didn't "know who he was now".

I, on the other hand, wrapped my identity into being a "mom" and "housewife" as my kids were growing up. I neglected to see that I had built several successful businesses while being a mom and housewife. Therefore, when I knew it was best to leave my marriage I was afraid and stayed for years longer than I planned because I didn't see myself as anything but a mom. And a mom can't support a family. Or, could she??

You see, my identity was so wrapped up in being a mom I forgot that I was talented, smart, resourceful, and capable. Today I have a thriving business, actually two.

Although names don't have the significance they once did, remember that your name is NOT the identity of your profession. You define who you are and what you can accomplish.

Author's Bio: 

Royce Gomez, author, coach and speaker, has written and published, including co-authoring the international best selling book Discover Your Destiny, Live Your Dreams, Love Your Life and The Stories and Daily Habits of Highly Successful Women. She offers keynotes and complete workshops.

Today Royce teaches women the art of fiscal responsibility and empowering women to have security and income in retirement. Her personal story of losing everything twice and rising victorious inspires women.