Your divine blueprint or life plan is created through the agreement of your eternal soul with its guides and teachers, under the overall direction of divine intelligence. Given the larger multi-dimensional perspective available in the interlife, it makes sense that following this blueprint would lead to the best and highest life of which the individual is capable including perfect health, wealth, relationships and creative self-expression. A major portion of energy healing or spiritual healing lies in getting you back in line with your divine blueprint.

This blueprint is stored in the bio-magnetic field, and is held within your Ark of the Covenant, which is in turn within your Holy of Holies. Like the morphogenetic field, this field deals in information rather than energy or matter.

Your divine blueprint spells out who/what you are: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It defines your desires and how you think, feel and believe. More importantly, it specifies your foundation: what kind of family you have, and what type of experience will drive you forward. Your blueprint holds the overall shape of your life, including your assignments and the resources you have to fulfill those assignments.

We all know people who have challenging lives: children who are battered and abused, or who came into body with serious health problems. Could these be part of that divine blueprint? What kind of God would schedule such terrible issues into someone’s life plan? I don’t have a complete answer to those questions. I have noticed that the pain or struggle you suffer as a child, if you can overcome it, forms the basis for what you teach or how you help and serve others who also need to recover from similar issues. Not one of my colleagues had an easy childhood, and having to learn past those challenges has made each of us into the healers and teachers we are today. Perhaps this is just creating a silver lining from intolerable circumstances; however, I truly believe that we signed up for life on this plan, and we are all meant to have educational and fun experiences here on our way to learning how to be spiritual beings. It may be that some of us signed up for more advanced courses for reasons that are not clear to the human imagination

Could you have a divine blueprint that specifies some kind of physical or mental disease? I don’t believe that God teaches through sickness, loss, lack, fear or pain. You can certainly find the silver lining in any negative condition, including physical sickness, and I’m sure that builds character. However, the creativity of the God in you doesn’t need to inflict pain in order for you to learn. We’re in God School, and nobody signs up for Pain and Struggle 101. In fact, when there is pain, there is a lack of truth; when there is fear, there is a lack of light in the emotional body. God doesn’t inflict pain and fear; we humans allow them when we get off-track…

Your divine blueprint contains a number of components that all have to be 100% in alignment for your life to work. Of course, it can take a little while to learn how to read your own records; we’re more complicated than buildings, and think about how intricate those blueprints can be! Consciously or unconsciously, the main aim of energy healing or spiritual healing is to get you back in line with your divine blueprint.

On a technical level, your blueprint starts with…

• The Mystery of God, which is the unanswered question; this question is LIGHT.

• The Nature of God: “God lives to give, and gives to live!”

• The Love of God, which is much larger than our human imaginations understand

• The Word of God, spoken through each of us. What is your ‘word’?

• Your mathematics and geometries – which is why sacred geometry works!

• Your information field, which is your memory

• The Subconscious Mind of God (which I cannot explain in 25 words or less)

• “The Force”: a combination of the Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit of Promise and the Holy Ghost of Promise, each of which looks after different areas of your life

• The EGO – for more on this, read the article called (surprise!) The Ego. In brief, the ego is your ‘glue’ – it goes into the unmanifest realm and brings energy into form.

• Ending in the four bio-computers of light, life, love and bliss. Each bio-computer has four corners and four integrations that operate in different areas of your system.

Every one of these components can be out of alignment, contaminated, assimilated or ‘possessed’ (which simply means another energy in the same time and place as yours). When your divine blueprint is working properly, you are in ‘serendipity’ or the place/time when everything flows in balance and harmony. That is perfection – not the static perfectionism of this world, but living, divine, homeostatic perfection.

That kind of perfection leads you to serendipity, where everything flows smoothly. You run into the people you need to see, money arrives out of nowhere, and you are in the right place and time to take the next step. You get to serendipity through obedience and alignment to your divine blueprint. Now, what your God sees as good may look different from what your lower soul finds good, so ask: Is this condition part of my divine blueprint? Is it aligned with divine law? If either answer is NO, then find a way to change the situation or get back in alignment, because there is a glitch in your system.

Alignment with your divine blueprint is what takes you to serendipity, or the place where everything works. (This is also the supernatural element called ‘Geotran’.) In fact, serendipity only happens when you are free to do what the God in you tells you to do – to be obedient, in fact. I know that many people find the concept of obedience difficult to square with liberty, but on a higher level they mesh beautifully, reinforcing each other with ease and grace. When you volunteered for service on this planet, you made an contract to do/be/have certain things, and these create your grain.

You wouldn’t use rosewood to frame a house, and you wouldn’t use pine to make a kitchen spoon, because the grain would be incorrect. Does this make rosewood more valuable than pine, or imply that pine is inferior? Of course not! Every person is most valuable – most usable for God – when s/he is expressing the unique qualities chosen before the foundation of the world. You already made that choice long ago; your choice now is about expressing who you are through refining or polishing your grain.

People really don’t change much at a core level. You can change your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and desiresm, alter your files, and you can change your appearance, mannerisms and clothing. However, you cannot change your grain, because it is loaded into every cell. A heavyset person can become more fit but will never be thin, a basically nervous person will never be truly calm, and naturally calm person will never be quick to anger. Your grain is one of the things that makes you unique; instead of fighting it, work with your grain to create a life that is rambunctious, beautiful, and fun. It’s much easier to use your grain for your particular assignments then to attempt to be something you are not, and do it half as well.

If you are here for a specific purpose, and you come loaded with all the resources you require to fulfill that purpose, then it stands to reason that you are going to be excellent at whatever that purpose demands. In Down Periscope, Kelsey Grammer plays an unorthodox submariner named Tom Dodge waiting for his last chance at command. Despite opposition, the ranking admiral selects Dodge to refit a diesel sub from 1958, rather than the nuclear fast-attack boat Dodge was hoping for; he wants Dodge to ‘think like a pirate’ and see if he can get the aging sub past modern navel defenses. The admiral running the war games stacks the odds in his own favor by hand-selecting an crew of misfits. To everyone’s surprise, the crew and Dodge win the war game by thinking outside the box. At one point they disguise themselves as a fishing boat; later, they use a supertanker to screen their approach. They even make their rebellious XO walk the plank! Dodge wins his new attack sub by being who he is, and utilizing his eccentric crew. No other captain was able to think like a pirate when buccaneering was required. Dodge had a unique blueprint – and temperament -- that suited his idiosyncratic assignment; on some level, he was reading his divine blueprint.

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