What would be your largest hiring stumbling block if you had to choose one thing? True, your responses may differ based on the size of the firm with which you work or the types of positions you're looking to fill. Most recruiters, on the other hand, would focus on a few hiring challenges.

While it is not a leader's responsibility to do all of the work required to create and implement a hiring system that includes all of its important components, it is your responsibility to identify what is missing, what may be impeding progress, and how you will go forward. Most of the business owners and executives with whom we deal do not have experience in hiring, recruiting, or event management.

Making critical hiring mistakes is extremely common

The huge number of HR systems, firms, consultants, and coaches in the world attests to this. It may be said that it is the most challenging aspect of running or owning a company. It is the systems, not the people, that are at issue. People, on the other hand, are required to put the systems and tactics we establish into action.

If you've never focused on this aspect of your business before, it's after six o'clock and you're sitting at your computer, head in hands, unsure of what to do next. You've written job descriptions, reviewed applicants, conducted interviews, and devised an appealing compensation plan. However, you're stuck and despairing, knowing that something has to happen because your new hires aren't surviving.

So, what are your plans?

We won't repeat the same patterns, play the same tapes, or end up in the same location if we understand how we got into this self-defeating mindset in the first place. We must pause, reflect, prioritize, and plan. We need to stop doing and start being in the present moment. We receive the same results if we just do what we've always done. It's time to consider what we'll do differently this time around.


Let's start with the most important things. We need to make mental space to consider before doing with every decision, new opportunity, and old issue that has to be resolved; and with more and more clarity being required at every turn. This will take some time at first because devoting time to one hobby necessitates devoting time to another. What types of resources have been developed for this industry? If you want to obtain satisfying outcomes, you'll need to allocate time and money to the creation, execution, and upkeep of this sector of the business, just like any other.

Many techniques may be absent in your company or department. Some front-runners, on the other hand, maybe delaying or even killing your hiring and recruiting systems. If you don't recognize any recruiting or hiring methods in operation, I recommend first examining your leadership systems, which you may or may not be using. If you don't have a clear vision for the organization or department, you won't be able to hire. How do you know what kind of human resources you truly need? Begin to use your vision to create an Organizational Strategy that highlights the people resources you already have, identify what's missing, and suggests where things might need to be changed. Determining and declaring your internal brand, culture, and feel of the organization is a primary concern. No one else is capable of doing this as well as you are.

You'll be armed with the necessary information to build solid hiring and recruiting strategy once you've gathered relevant data and done the critical leadership work of setting priorities, examining and stating your business vision, and acknowledging areas of your previous hiring methods that haven't worked.


When it comes to recruiting and employing skilled employees, big businesses may appear to have all the cards, but this is not the reality. In the end, everyone is seeking employment they enjoy in places they appreciate, with good pay and obvious chances for advancement. You will be able to discover and keep great people as well as any big-name company if you can offer these incentives and maintain high standards with clever hiring and vetting practices.

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Emonics LLC is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise as designated by the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council. Our mission to connect the right people that are the right fit for the cultures of our clients.